Summer Chess League Abuja 2019: We Have Our Winners!


The 2019 Summer Chess League Abuja organized by BRUVSCHESS MEDIA, commenced on the 13th of July 2019, has ended amidst exciting games, several upsets and intriguing twists and turns. On the 7th of September 2019 in Nigeria’s federal capital territory, Abuja. The league which comprised of 9 registered teams with a time control of 90min + 30sec increment per move from move 1, had a lot of beautiful moments. Here are the details from rounds 6 – 9 of the chess league.

Team CassMeet with the Championship Trophy.

In round 6, Team Cassmeet continued their winning streak by cruising home with a crushing victory against Gambit Chess Club with a margin of 3-1. Abuja Rockstars also won their match against Lugbe Chess Club with a whopping 4-0 while Kaspy Group surprised Royal Chess Club by defeating them by 21/2-11/2. Karu Chess Club had a 2-2 draw against Bruvschess, as Karu Chess Club 2 was on bye.

In round 7, Kaspy Group came under the clutches of Karu Chess Club after being defeated with a score of 21/2-11/2. Royal Chess Club defeated Lugbe Chess Club by a 31/21/2 margin. Team Cassmeet also defeated Abuja Rockstars with a scoreline of 21/2-11/2 while Gambit Chess Club cleared all the boards away from Karu Chess Club 2 with a scoreline of 4-0. Bruvschess was on bye.

In round 8, Abuja Rockstars defeated Karu Chess Club 2 by clearing 3 boards and leaving them with 1 board to manage, while Team Cassmeet continued as usual by beating Royal Chess Club to their game by a margin of 21/2-11/2. Lugbe Chess Club again got smashed by Karu Chess Club by a scoreline of 4-0, while Kaspy Group pulled a fast one on Bruvschess with a scoreline of 21/2-11/2 also. Gambit Chess Club was on bye.

At the beginning of the last round, three teams, namely Abuja Rockstars, Karu Chess Club and Gambit Chess Club, were fighting for the third-place position. Karu Chess Club which was paired with the undefeatable Team Cassmeet had to do the impossible by defeating them with a margin of 3-1, while Abuja Rockstars and Gambit Chess Club having been paired together, had to share the points equally among each other. Bruvchess defeated Lugbe Chess Club, while Kaspy Group was on bye.

At the end of it all, Team Cassmeet came first, earning the team the winning trophy, gold medal and a cash prize of N150, 000.

1st Place trophy (Team Cassmeet) presented by Mrs. Oyetunde Ajayi

1st place Gold Medals (Team Cassmeet) presented by Mrs. Lois Fawole

Royal Chess Club came second, earning the team silver medals and a cash prize of N100, 000.

2nd Place Silver medals and cash prize N100,000 presented by a representative of Gambit Chess Club

Karu Chess Club Team 1 came third, earning the team bronze medals and a cash prize of N50, 000.

3rd Place Bronze medals and cash prize of N50, 000 presented by Hafsat Belo-Osagie, Co-organizer and league treasurer.
Reginald Mba of Abuja Rockstars acted as Master of Ceremony at the closing ceremony.

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Tournament director     FAWOLE JOHN OYEYEMI

Chief Arbiter                  OBIAGA PATRICK

Deputy Chief Arbiter      OJIKUTU SAMUEL

Report brought to you by: Obileye Olaleye of Team Kaspy Group

Edited by: Adesewa Oyewole For BruvsChess Media

Photos by: Akinjute Olusola Peters

Summer Chess League Abuja 2019 Photos



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