We See Hope! Happy Independence Day Nigeria


The journey so far has not been a pleasant one; from civil war to several internal crises, religious clashes, hate, corruption, greed, bad leadership, hunger, hardship and suffering, we have seen it all.

As a nation of so many cultures, religions, languages and ways of life, it is no coincidence that we still stand as one. The foundation on which this nation was built was one of a drive to a better future. Our founding fathers had a vision of one Nigeria and kept the faith until we were free. It is this vision and strength that has kept us going. 

There is no denying that they would have hoped for a more progressive nation, more care and love for the nation and the people that they fought hard to free, more capable hands to run its affairs and lead it from being the giant of Africa to the giant of the world. But here we are; at 59, giants of nothing but our population.

We have neglected the one place that we call home, seeking refuge in places that we are not wanted. We have left no future for our young ones; greed, corruption and hate now seem normal to us. Our government rules no more for the people but for itself and we gradually prepare ourselves for self-destruction.

However bad our nation is now, WE SEE HOPE! We see hope for abundance, for peace, for good leaders and good governance. We see hope for a better Nigeria! We see hope as one nation!

Happy Independence day Nigeria from all of us at Bruvschess Media!!!


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