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Why Become a Contributor on Bruvschess?

Bruvschess is No1 Chessnews platform on the continent of Africa.

So, we accept original articles writing, real chess tournament coverage and anything chess related.

Your pitch should be clear, concise, compelling.

A pitch to become a contributor at Bruvschess must include:

  • An introduction
  • Your focus and what you can offer the editor
  • Your personal brand (you and your audience)
  • Examples of your writing(links to existing articles)
  • Your platforms (website or social media)
  • The whole pitch should be just two to three paragraphs.

Should you follow up?

Follow up by email a week later if you haven’t heard back from us. If you still haven’t heard back, follow up after two weeks. After three weeks, follow up one last time.

If you haven’t heard back after three weeks, “you’ve effectively gotten a no.” So, move on and target somebody else. You can try again after a few months have passed.

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