Victorious Champions: FM Joseph Mwale and Trapence Caroline Emerges at the 2024 Malawi National Chess Championship

2024 Malawi Chess Champions

The 2024 Malawi National Chess Championship witnessed an exciting demonstration of strategic skills at the Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe, capping in the crowning of FM Joseph Mwale and Trapence Caroline as champions on Sunday, March 31st, 2024.

Joseph Mwale, seeded third and a FIDE Master, showcased exceptional skill throughout the tournament, securing six victories, two draws, and one defeat against CM Petros Mfune. FM Mwale‘s outstanding performance earned him a total of seven points out of a possible nine, claiming the championship title in impressive fashion. CM Charles Chimthere took the second position, accumulating 6.5 points, narrowly missing the top spot. CM Chimthere‘s journey included defeats against FM Mwale and Peter Nyama, highlighting the competitive nature of the tournament. Petros Mfune, another Candidate Master, displayed formidable gameplay and secured the bronze medal with 6.5 points, adding to the intensity of the competition.

FM Joseph Mwale emerges as winner at the 2024 Malawi Chess Champions Photo: ACC
Trapence Caroline at the 2024 Malawi Chess Champions. Photo: ACC

In the women’s section, Trapence Caroline emerged victorious, seizing the championship title with an impressive seven points. she demonstrated strength and skill, drawing against top-seed Tupokiwe Msukwa and second-seed WFM Linda Jambo. Susan Namangale, seeded sixth, showcased her abilities by amassing six points and triumphing in the tiebreaker against WFM Linda Jambo, Tupokiwe Msukwa, and Anne Simwaba, all of whom also scored six points, claiming the second position. WFM Linda Jambo finished in the third position, also with 6 points. CM Chilesto Chipanga, the top seed in the tournament, finished in the sixth position, highlighting the unpredictability and competitive spirit of the event.

The 2024 Malawi National Chess Championship emphasized the growing popularity and enthusiasm for chess in the country. Congratulations to FM Joseph Mwale, Trapence Caroline, and all the participants for their remarkable performances and contributions to the chess community in Malawi.


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