Dbestsmiles wins the MORI Season 3 Qualifiers


With a sterling performance of 5.5 over 7 and a performance rating of 2418, FM dbestsmiles (Abdulrahman Abdulraheem Akintoye) had won the Malogy Online Rapid Invitational (MORI) Season 3 Qualifiers.

The tournament is a 5+3 Blitz Swiss format to determine seven slots to join the main players in the knockout stages coming up in November 2020.

In the first round, FM dbestsmiles was paired against Oduma (FM Dave Erhabor) who later tied 2nd on point with IM Stuffings (Balogun Oluwafemi)and they had a kind of London system that later transposed into an indian game where white had a spatial advantage. We had opposite side casting and the characteristic pawn storm against the black king. Events turned around and the FM won the game in 59 moves.

The legendary Killandgo (Mr Dasaolu Rotimi) came 4th while another veteran Kigigha Inimo (Neobraand) was in 5th place.

The duo of Chesskimon (my humble self) and Arc. Bimbo Fajemirokun were 6th and 7th positions respectively.

We expect actions to resume soon when all the final participants would be unveiled in full. MORI has had a good reputation with organizing world class online events with good internet coverage. Participants are expected to play from a computer system using a Zoom video app for recording the event.

Wow! Congratulations to all who participated and we look forward to covering the main events next month.

Grab your popcorn can and stay tuned.

Photo Credit: CPAN


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