Olarovfan wins the Nigerian Veteran Qualifiers with a round to spare!


With an unsurprising 11 wins and a draw which included six consecutive wins, the ever solid Olarovfan, FM Adegboyega Adebayo aka Dabee won the Nigerian Veteran Qualifiers before the 13th round! This achievement could be likened to the famous Usain bolt’s win with an un-laced boots. Dabee had been in superlative form when it comes to online chess in Nigeria and this is not a news.

Like the MORI III Qualifiers, the event is the heart stage to determine the final 8 players that will go into the knockout stages. It is a 14 round 5+3 Swiss event which is fast becoming popular in recent times. The veteran online tournament is for players aged 40 and above and you will always wish to be there.

A very experienced and tactical warehouse, Ajrem (Ajele Rotimi) came second behind Olarovfan with 10 points, while the fifth Nigerian IM who won everything in 2011, IM Micfel came 3rd. Below is the list of thr top 10 finishers:

  1. FM Adebayo Adegboyega;
  2. Ajele Rotimi;
  3. IM Olape Bunmi;
  4. Onyekwere McDonald;
  5. CM David Okike;
  6. Fabeyo Frederick;
  7. Miedo Denenu;
  8. Adeyinka Adewole;
  9. FM Dave Erhabor;
  10. Alalibo Krama.

However, according to the organizer, the knockout stage will only be attended by players who are rated 2200 or below with FIDE. This means the likes of Olarovfan, IM Micfel will not move to the knockout stage.

Knockout Qualifiers

1st Ajrem
2nd Smalldoc
3rd Davigator
4th elrapipi
5th emdee4sure
6th adeyinka123
7th oduma
8th martin177

The above names have qualified for the knockout event scheduled to hold next week

Quarter final pairings are as follows using the pairing format:

Ajrem versus martin177;
Smalldoc versus Oduma;
Davigator versus Adeyinka123;
Elrapipi versus Emdee4sure.

The qualifiers are meant reach out to their opponents and find a time that works so they’d play.
It’s a knockout match.

Read the below texts for full details from the organizer:


Time control : 10+5

Quarter finals
1 vs 8
2 vs 7
3 vs 6
4 vs 5

*Two game’s of 10+5 each *

Semi Finals

Winner of 1 vs 8 versus winner of 4 vs 5
Winner of 2 vs 7 versus winner of 3 vs 6
Two games of 10+10

Then finals .

Winners of semi finals

Two game’s of 10+10

Third place
Losers of semi finals
Two game’s of 10+10

That’ll be the pairing , and players can then negotiate a time that works with their opponents to play as I understand everyone here has very busy schedules., but all most be wrapped up in a week at most..

Knockout prize structure
1st 30,000 naira
2nd 20,000 naira
3rd 15,000 naira
4th. 10,000 naira
5th to 8th 5000 naira

Everybody is a winner eventually! Next week will be very explosive and we can’t wait to see mind blowing games from the upcoming finals.

Stay tuned.



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