#ENDSARS: BruvsChess Media Cares


    It has been a very trying period for our country and all of us. There is no way to describe in words what most of us are going through at this time. We have no doubt all have been affected in one way or the other, either emotionally, mentally, or physically.

    Over the past weeks, we have all experienced a powerful force of solidarity among the Nigerian youth and Nigerians in the diaspora, which was brought about by the peaceful protest of the #ENDSARS movement. This is what most people have described as the “power of the voice of the people”. The #ENDSARS movement made the whole world pay attention to Nigeria. But sadly, the drastic change of event was not what we were prepared for as the peaceful protest of the #ENDSARS movement was allegedly hijacked by hoodlums.

    Our nation is experiencing a national crisis within the COVID 19 pandemic we are yet to recover from. So many businesses and stores have been destroyed, looted, and worst of all, so many innocent lives have been lost. We are all still shocked about the alleged shooting by the Nigerian armed forces killing unarmed protesters of the #ENDSARS movement at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos state Nigeria on Tuesday the 20th of October 2020, and all the horrific events and death that happened afterwards in every part of Nigerian. This has been tagged “black Tuesday and Lekki massacre

    The question we all ask ourselves now is: how did we get here? The impact this has had on the economy, businesses, and stores cannot be downplayed, and are still trying to come to terms with the damages that have been done. Not to sound insensitive, all of these can be rebuilt. What can never be gotten back are the innocent lives that have been lost in the process.

    To all those families grieving the death of their loved ones, our prayers are with you and your family. Our hearts go out to you in this time of sorrow, and we pray for the strength and peace to ease your unexpected loss. Rest in peace to all our fallen brothers and sisters, Nigeria will never forget.

    The peaceful protest of the #ENDSARS movement all around Nigerian brought a new awakening to the Nigerian youth and all of Nigerians in the diaspora. We hope that this awakening and awareness stay alive in our hearts and minds. This might be the change we need.  We call on all Nigerian leaders to do what is right and just to bring peace and good governance to our country. We also call on all armed forces to please use your power to protect the lives and properties of the citizens you have sworn to protect and not to oppress, take unjustly and kill. To all miscreants and looters, the destruction you cause will only further cause harm to our economy, thereby affecting everyone, including you. Jungle justice and violence is never the way.

    We wish we could call every of our audience in Nigeria to check up, but this is how we know how to. We hope you are safe wherever you are. Do not be in despair, this too will pass. We pray to God to protect and keep you safe through this time and beyond. Always remember that we all have a patriotic duty to do what is right and just for the betterment of our nation. Nigeria is our home.

    Stay Safe, BruvsChess Media cares.


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