The Match of the Month in Kenya: CM Ben Magana battles Ricky Sang


The Gauntlet has been thrown down! From October 25-27 a six-game match between the indefatigable former reigning National Champion CM Ben Magana and his KCB Chess Club teammate Ricky Sang will be on the cards.

Both Olympians are staking KSh.20, 000 each with the winner taking it all and the loser applauds with the humility of a fallen hero!

The time control will be 90 minutes+ 30 seconds/move to complete the game.

The combatants, just like a seasoned boxing defending champion fighting from the red corner with the challenger coming in from the blue corner, took a jab at each other during a media briefing to announce the match.

Ben Magana: Everything Ricky has done once, I have done it multiple times. So, for every win he gets in the match, I will get 2.

Ricky Sang: Rephrasing Charles Darwin on the Origin of Species. “The survival of the fittest is a synonym for natural selection”. Fitness does not always mean the most experienced or living in the success of Yesteryear. This explains why dinosaurs are extinct- this year needs to be the last nail in the coffin that will take the otherwise decorated Magana into full retirement.

The confirmation of this chess battle threat is what the jury is out to find out at the end of the game. Other details including the venue will be communicated later.

Source: Kenya Chess Central


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