Orchid Lekki Chess Club Ladder Games


Just last year, two great chess clubs in Lagos Nigeria celebrated an iconic merger, transforming to the Orchid Lekki Chess Club. Ever since it has been one chess tournament after the other. The Ladder Games is another Chess tournament organized by the Orchid Lekki Chess Club on the 12th of February. 2020. The tournament started by 7 pm at the Orchid Hotels, Chevron Lekki Lagos with a time control of 10mins and an additional 10secs. 

The Ladder Games is a form of competition where each player is assigned a position (rank). A lower number means higher rank on the ladder earning the player a better position.

The goal of the competition is for the player to move up the ladder, potentially to the number one position which is the highest rank. Games played in the ladder are rated once per week and to participate, such player must be a member of the club. Entry to the ladder is free and prizes are sponsored by the club.

The club’s technical director in the person of Rex Ogunnaike approves all matchups. Although players may challenge anyone, however, all challenges must be approved by the technical director.

This week’s ladder games challenge was between the current CPAN President Martins Amabipi and Ndopnse Ekpo. A quick appraisal will give you an insight into the chess experience of both players.

Martins Amabipi Jnr, nicknamed Martini, has established a reputation as chess enthusiast, administrator and also a creative player. He is a former captain of the Uniport chess team, home to other great players like FM Nonso Oragwu, FM Ochuko Onuvughe, Sunny Nyenghe (Bunkery Boy) and Emmanuel Nwala (Manny)- Martini led the team in winning several laurels with glorious memories. Martini also doubled as the Students’ Union sports director during his time in Uniport. He is the currently CPAN VP as well as a director at the Orchid Lekki Chess Club. Martini enjoys playing attacking chess, he is also a lover of good music.

Ndopnse Ekpo, fondly referred to as Nse is an avid chess lover and chess tutor. One of his many customized chess t-shirts refer to him as a “chess addict”, this is a near-perfect description of the easy-going gentleman whose undying love for the game has helped groom many young and upcoming chess playing kids. Nse was a leading member of the Yaba tech chess team 2005-2006), he was the president of the University of Nigeria (UNN) chess team (2008-2012). He has participated in several tournaments including but not limited to the NUGA events of 2008 and 2011. His current FIDE blitz rating is 2011. Nse is the club manager of the Orchid Lekki Chess Club and continues to demonstrate excellent organizational and leadership capacity in this new role. Besides playing chess, Nse loves football and music.

After a long battle between both Chess titans, it concluded in a score of 1.5-0.5 in favor of Ndopnse Ekpo. Also, Ex CPAN President Magnus Ekpiken played against Opeyemi Taiwo who also participated in the ladder game. The game ended in favor of Magnus Ekpiken beating opeyemi Tawio to a 2-0.

Next week promises to be more fun, brain-racking, mind smashing and witty as the Ladder Games organized by the Orchid Lekki Chess Club seeks to match up more Chess Players. 



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