Chess prodigy and Nigeria Chess Champion—Deborah Quickpen to face off with Tunde Onakoya


Prepare for a battle of minds as Tunde Onakoya, Founder of Chess In Slums Africa (CISA), takes on Deborah Quickpen, Nigeria’s chess sensation and National Women’s Chess Champion. They will clash in a historic match on the 11th of June, 2024 at Lagos from 3pm to 6pm.

This anticipated electrifying match, presented by Daniel Ford International (U.K) and supported by the Nigeria Chess Federation, will ignite a passion for chess in Nigeria, celebrate the mind sport’s transformative power, and raise vital funds for Chess In Slums Africa and Deborah Quickpen‘s chess career.

Tunde Onakoya

Tunde Onakoya‘s Chess In Slums project has revolutionized the lives of African children, providing educational opportunities and life skills. On the other side, Deborah Quickpen, a prodigy at a young age, has already made waves in African and world chess, becoming the youngest Nigerian National Women’s Chess Champion at just 12.

WIM Deborah Quickpen. Photo: NCF

“Chess has changed my life, and I hope this match inspires others to discover its magic,” says Deborah Quickpen.
“This match showcases the potential in every child. Through Chess in Slums, we aim to unlock this potential in many more children across Nigeria,” adds Tunde Onakoya.

As these two chess masters face off to display their exceptional skills and also raise vital funds for Chess In Slums Africa and Deborah Quickpen’s chess career.

The event will be live-streamed globally, allowing chess enthusiasts worldwide to witness this exciting chess battle!


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