My Visit to 133 Years Old Pretoria Chess Club


Hi all. 

On Wednesday night, 23rd March 2022, I visited Pretoria Chess Club, one of the oldest chess clubs in the world. It was great to see a chess club alive with so many players! They are currently playing their club championship. They have four (4) divisions and forty-two (42) club members. 

I spotted some old opponents! Thanks, Eben Mare, for the welcome. He played in all the Club championships for Centurion chess club, and we reminisced about a game we played in 2008. I also saw Riaan Du Plessis and Oom Wim Slabbert

I chatted with Nejdo Stevanovic, who spent part of the evening getting his tobacco going! Ernst Vermeleun was also there. He assisted with information for the fourth book I co-wrote with Marc Petersen.

PRETORIA Chess Club—established in 1889 and has a rich history. They have kept a meticulous record of their champions since 1923, and they won the Premier League in 1964. There is a painting that celebrates this achievement. 

List of Champions since 1923

A chess club brings people together. Carl Monnig, who used to play for Brackenfell, also greeted me and passed his regards to the players in Cape Town. Riaan, the club captain, introduced me. 

Pretoria Chess Club rocks, and it was an honor to meet you all and play some blitz at the club with my friend Hans Steyn

Regards all Dr. Lyndon Bouah


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