March 2022 Cape Town Rapid Open at Claremont Chess Club

First Place on tiebreak—Dr. Lyndon Bouah

Good day, all.

I played my first event for 2022. It was the Cape Town Rapid Open with 10 minutes on each side. The venue for the Rapid Open is at Claremont Chess Club in Rondebosch. The juniors that participated in the event were tactically solid and seldom made tactical errors. 

It is still difficult getting used to playing with a mask ?! 

When I got the announcement of Charles Eichab as the National Champion of Namibia, I was ready to follow suit because Charles and I share a birthday. Thanks, and Congrats, Charles! 

The games were hard-fought, and the youngsters from Elsies River one day will challenge for South African Closed first spots if coached properly!! Thanks, Burton. May the Rapids continue! 

I am preparing for the 9th of April, 2022, when the Grassy Park Rapid takes event! I shared first place with Jason Davies but was declared the winner ? as I had a better tiebreak!! I am so glad OTB chess is back.

It is clear that many youngsters used the Covid period to sharpen their tactics, and I even heard the concept of “online moves.” When I asked Dr. Esau if he won in one round, he responded that he did have a winning move, but his opponent played his winning move first! 

The event happened in a good spirit! C you all of you at the next event!

Regards Lyndon


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