My Visit to Phezulu In Durban

Dr. Lyndon Bouah In Phezulu Durban

Good day family and friends. 

Last week I had an opportunity to visit Phezulu in Durban, situated at the Valley of a Thousand Hills. My friend Desmond Rooplal took me to a beautiful place. We visited the crocodile park and also watched a snake exhibition. The crocodiles were fed while we were there, and there were some big guys there! 

There was one crocodile there that was 98 years old and weighed 500kg!! Wow! I didn’t even know they could grow that old. With the snake exhibition, I watched from a distance! At 13h 30pm, I was on the truck for a lovely game drive. The game ranger then told us that the mountain in the far distance was called the Other Table Mountain! Gosh, I didn’t believe it, but the name exists! He then told us that the Valley of a Thousand Hills has history and even has the heritage of Shaka. 

We came across wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. The game ranger pointed out that antelopes were the McDonald’s of the wild because they had an M on the behinds! And, of course, they were usually eaten by the more giant animals! 

We even saw a warthog. The game drive is only about 30 minutes from Durban!. I immensely enjoyed the excursion, and of course, I had to buy two chess sets.

Sometimes we forget that in South Africa we have some wonderful places to visit! Let’s see more of our tourist places and promote them!!¬†

Enjoy the long weekend and the New week!


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