Limitless Minds Chess Academy Botswana Helps the Visually Impaired Through Chess


Chess is beneficial for everyone and it has no barriers for anyone to play. An inclusive Limitless Minds Chess Academy in Botswana focuses on helping people with disabilities through chess. On 9-15 February, the Academy hosted an American Professional, Louis Holzman, for a project titled “Beyond Vision” that is aimed to help visually impaired people.

The Botswana Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted became the partner of this initiative. Among other participants, 50 kids took part in the tournaments, workshops, and other activities of the project. The project not only helps its participants but serves to a wider purpose of promotion of Braille chess for visually challenged.

The Academy introduced chess for the visually impaired in Botswana in 2017. The plan is to make “Beyond Vision” a long term project incorporating technology through the use of tablets with software and apps for visually impaired to benefit the participants better.


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