Launch of Book 3 Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation 2019 Volume 3


I hereby announce the exciting news that Dr Lyndon Bouah will be launching his next book on Saturday 4 December 2021 at Claremont Chess Club at 10h45am at the Rondebosch Library in Cape Town.

Dr. Lyndon Bouah, the Author of many volumes of Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation

The Western Province Chess President, Mr Burton Van Staaden stated, “For more than three decades, Dr Lyndon Bouah has been diligently narrating his reflections on major chess tournaments hosted in Cape Town as well as other national and international chess events. These reflections by Dr Bouah are the most credible historical account for local chess tournaments and his passion and commitment to this task is truly commendable.

In this third edition of his reflections, Dr Bouah provides an account of the chess tournaments that took place during the 2019 calendar year. This was the year prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused major disruptions to all aspects of normal life and led to the suspension and cancellation of almost all over-the-board chess tournaments during 2020. By reflecting on 2019, Dr Bouah transports us back to the good times when chess players were able to enjoy their chess and compete in chess tournaments without Covid-19 restrictions. Chess players will enjoy this reflection on the good times.”

Dr Omar Esau from Stellenbosch University reviewed the book and wrote, “

Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation 2019 Volume 3 Another Well Documented Piece of Research!

This book is a third volume by Dr Lyndon Bouah – Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation 2019 Volume 3, follows Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation: Volume 1 and Volume 2 respectively. As Lyndon reflects on his chess journeys, he gives the readers an enthralling insight into the world of chess especially in the Global South.

The book bears testimony that chess is being organised on a high level in the Western Cape. Chess also plays a pivotal role in highlighting the struggle heroes of South Africa by organising chess events in commemorating martyrs such as Imam Abdullah Haron (see p.74) who was killed in prison in 1969. In his reflections Lyndon also highlights past players that played significant roles in the organising of Chess in Cape Town.

Methodologically, Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation: Volume 3 – contributes significantly to the field of the qualitative researcher, the ethnographer, and to the oral historian. As a qualitative researcher who utilises the stats and evidence of games played, Lyndon makes invaluable commentary and opinions public. Thus, his role as the chess researcher and chess player makes this book more phenomenal.

The book is an enjoyable read and gives a good insight into the life of Lyndon Bouah who as a respected Chess Olympiad player introspects and shares valuable commentary on games played during the League and other prestigious tournaments held in the Western Cape.

Dr Lyndon Bouah in his book continues to illuminate the importance of writing up and sharing events that make history. I trust anyone browsing through this book will be inspired by Lyndon’s chess reflections and that one will find it as stimulating, interesting, enlightening and thought provoking as I did.

Reflections on Chess in the Rainbow Nation: Volume 3 – is once again a sincere and dedicated contribution by the author to expound his love and appreciation for the history of Chess in South Africa.

Omar Esau| PhD, MEd, BEd (Hons.), BA, Dip in Ed

Senior Lecturer, Department of Curriculum Studies, Stellenbosch University FIDE Arbiter (FA)

Honorary Life President of South African Schools Chess

This book recalls the chess events held in 2019 prior to the pandemic. The events reflected upon include those that happened in Cape Town and the Western Cape and the broader continent of Africa. There are 82 games from this period as well as 132 diagrams illustrating interesting points in these games. South African players include GM Kenny Solomon, WIM Jesse February, FM Calvin Klaasen, IM Watu Kobese, FM Daniel Barrish and others all find a spot in these games.

Dr Lyndon Bouah holds the title of candidate master in chess. He qualified for this title at the 1992 Chess Olympiad. He also competed for South Africa at various international events including the 1993 African Junior Championship in Nairobi where he was the joint runner-up, the 1994 Olympiad in Russia and thereafter the African Team championships in Nigeria and various African individual championships in Zambia in 2005, Uganda in 2016 and Zambia in 2017.

Dr Lyndon Bouah has been the captain of the SA Chess team at the 2002, 2004, 2014, 2016 and 2018 Chess Olympiads held in Slovenia, Spain, Norway, Azerbaijan and Georgia respectively. He was also captain of the team that won the zone 4.3 team championships in Mozambique in 2008 and was captain of the SA Open team at the All African Games in Nigeria in 2003.

Dr Lyndon Bouah led WP to ten interprovincial team Championships and has been the Steinitz Chess Club captain that has seen them win 9 national club titles, 8 provincial club titles and 11 district club titles. In his own right, Dr Lyndon has won multiple WP Open and Closed Championship as well as the EP Closed Championship and University championships.

Dr Lyndon Bouah has served chess as an administrator, coach, player and journalist for the last 34 years. Dr Lyndon Bouah is an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and completed his B.Iuris and LLB law degrees at UWC, LLM and Diploma in Labour Law at UCT and in 2016 he graduated with his PHD at UWC.

See you at Claremont Chess Club on 4 December 2021 at 10h45am. Regards



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