World Chess Championship: Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi made peace in Round 1

Photo by IM Eric Rosen

Two million dollars for a fierce battle like the World Chess Championship between GM Magnus Carlsen, who happens to be the current World Champion, and The challenger to the throne, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, is not the Crux of the matter but the prestigious throne of the world champion. Many are GMs, but few had tasted the throne or the battle for it.

The cherished throne amongst chess elites and communities occupied mainly by many Russians is the desire of many, and blood will be spilled on the 64 squares. There have been a lot of emotions expressed as a high altitude of blunders and mistakes, critical decisions made within splits of seconds, and longer durations that count into hours.

Another one from IM Eric Rosen: FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich made the opening move

The venue for this year’s world champion chess championship is the Dubai Exhibition center, and Ian Nepomniachtchi started with the white pieces playing the closed variation of the Spanish game (Ruy Lopez).

Many analyses were made on various platforms by different Grandmasters and streamers. The reigning world Number 1, Magnus Carlsen, was appraised to win the first game that lasted over four hours. Round one game progresses, the computer analysis of the game gave a slight advantage to the Challenger for most of the game, if not to the end contrary to popular demand and saying.

At the same time, people believe the Slow striding Tiger (Magnus) had a solid and better position. Should we say the computer engines in various capacities have a better analysis using the Neural networks? Or does the Human cognitive capabilities continue where the Neural stop?


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