Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi —Another Draw in Round 2 of the World Chess Championship

Photo by Eric Rosen| FIDE

After a topsy turvy middlegame, Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi played to a 58-move draw.

The second game of the World chess championship was played brilliantly today, and it was not a walk in the park as many had thought it would be. A total of 58  moves were made, and it all ended in a draw.

Photo Credit: Eric Rosen|FIDE

Magnus Carlsen playing from the white side, had the luxury of starting first with d4. At the same time, the opponent responded with the knight jumping to f6 until they concluded the opening with a Catalan. 

The game was relatively positional in the middle game with maneuvers of pieces and the significant battle fought at the queenside of the board. The neural networks showed at some points dominance on the part of the Challenger. However, the current champion managed in his usual manner to keep the sinking ship afloat. 

A pawn sacrifice was healthy for Carlsen to claim a positional advantage. However, the computers still favor the game of the Challenger as having a slight edge over the World champion. 

Photo Credit: Eric Rosen|FIDE

GM Nijat Abasov gave some Annotations on Lichess.

Of compelling concern is the commentator’s repeat of yesterday’s commentaries, giving strong critiques and analysis to the champion moves while still underestimating the solid positions of the Challenger. However, the computer engines stayed with him as having a better advantage against Carlsen. The black piece player dominating a world champion playing white is a rare situation in chess but believe me, it happened today. 

Once again, I believe the computer has a better opinion than Humans, considering the game ending in a draw. In contrast, the computer gave it to Ian Nepomniachtchi as having the possibility of a win.

Is the computer lying, or is Carlsen helping us enjoy the game until he starts plummeting his opponent? It is believed tomorrow shall tell.


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