IM Olape Bunmi triumphs MGI Lagos

Photo Credit: FM Fawole John Oyeyemi (Batumi Chess Olympiad Georgia 2018)

IM Olape Bunmi won his FIDE International Master title at the Zone 4.2 Championship  Sudan 2011.

Yesterday the 11th of August 2019, he won the Mind Games Premier Championship which held in Lagos Nigeria with 6.5/8. 

The 8 round Rapid Chess Championship was organized by Mind Games Incorporated with Mr. Lukeman Owolabi as the tournament director, Oyeleye Olawale as the Chief Arbiter and Monalisa Chikezie as the Arbiter.

The sensation of the tournament was Oluwalasinu Bamidele Adebusayo who cruised his way to perfect score 4/4 until he met IM Aikhoje Odion in Round 5 and lost.

Also, IM Aikhoje Odion was leading the tournament with perfect score 6/6 until a crucial round 7 Game where he lost to IM Olape Bunmi.

He also Lost round 8 game to FM Abdulrahman AbdulRaheem Akintoye popularly known as AAA.

IM Balogun Oluwafemi versus IM Aikhoje Odion. Photo Credit: Babatunde Ogunsiku (CEO- Africa Chess Media)

Contestant to make the list of top 6 are IM Olape Bunmi, IM Aikhoje Odion, Ajele Rotimi, IM Balogun Oluwafemi, FM Abdulraheem Abdulrahman Akintoye and Oluwalasinu Bamidele Adebusayo respectively. Although, there were about 53 participants, 14 players out of 53 qualified from Lagos Edition to play in the Grand Finale Event.

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