COVID-19…Bruvschess Media Cares. Be Safe!


    COVID-19 is turning our lives upside down, and I think we are all struggling a bit with how to proceed.
    While things may feel out of our control as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the Corona Virus, it is important that we all stick to precautionary measures as recommended by Health personnels.

    The WHO officially declared this unprecedented event as a global pandemic last Wednesday. Some countries also declared National emergency and total shut down. European countries have closed businesses except for food, health and banks.

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to the people who have been affected by COVID-19. While this disease is particularly serious for older adults and medically vulnerable people, all ages are at risk. 

    Actions we need to take to slow down the spread includes;

    Avoid large gatherings or crowd

    Distance 2 arms lengths from others

    Work from home if need be

    Postpone or cancel travel plans towards affected areas.

    Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

    Make use of hand sanitizer

    Avoid touching your face often

    And most importantly, Don’t neglect the power of prayers.

    I am confident that together we will overcome this crisis and life will return to normal pretty soon.
    Stay safe. Love to everyone.

    Fawole John Oyeyemi – Founder & Executive Editor Bruvschess Media


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