Chess Whiz: Tanitoluwa Adewumi Nears International Master Title

Tanitoluwa Adewumi. Photo: Tani via X

13-year-old “ChessKid” FM Tanitoluwa Adewumi, widely known as Tani, has recently secured his fourth International Master (IM) norm. and first in a Swiss, at the Southwest Class Championship in Irving, TX with an overall score of 5.5/9, where Tani faced stiff competition, challenging five Grandmasters in the process.
The Southwest Class Championship marked a noteworthy accomplishment for Tani as he secured his fourth IM norm, with an impressive performance that included four wins, two losses, and three draws, securing the norm in the final round. Crossing the 2400 FIDE rating threshold is now the remaining requirement for Tani to officially receive the coveted International Master title.

Tani’s remarkable journey began in 2019 when he secured triumph at the New York State K-3 Chess Championship while residing in a homeless shelter. Born in Nigeria, Tanitoluwa‘s family sought refuge in New York in 2017 due to death threats from religious extremists. Despite facing adversity, Tani’s story gained international attention through The New York Times, sparking support from various individuals and organizations.

Throughout 2021, Tani’s chess abilities increased, elevating his rating from the 1700s to the 2100s. He not only achieved the title of National Master but also obtained the FIDE Master title within a few months. Tani’s inspiring journey keeps grabbing people’s hearts worldwide, shining as a symbol of hope and strength. As Tani Adewumi inches closer to the International Master title, his achievements stand as a testament to his determination and skill on the chessboard.


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