Grandmaster R.B. Ramesh to Headline Special Chess Lecture for Nigeria Chess Community on Discord


BruvsChessMedia is excited to present a unique and exclusive opportunity for chess enthusiasts, as Grandmaster R.B. Ramesh, a distinguished figure in the global chess community, will be taking the center stage in a special chess lecture, on the Nigeria Chess Community Discord, on the 3rd of March, 2024 by 11:30 am Nigerian Time.

GM R.B. Ramesh‘s reputation precedes him as a globally recognized chess player and coach. Renowned for his exceptional skills both on the board and as a mentor, he stands out as the only Indian coach to secure two bronze medals at the Chess Olympiad. According to him, “I started my coaching career in 1998. I was 22 years old and was invited by the Indian chess federation. Back then, Mr. Ummer Koya was the secretary and he asked me if I would be interested to go as a coach of the Indian junior team to the Asian Junior Chess Championship in Iran. Tejas Bakre and Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman won the boys’ and girls’ title respectively—not because of my training or anything, but because I was simply there. That was the first time I was given the role of a trainer.”

GM Ramesh‘s passion for teaching chess to young minds shines through as he emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation and an enjoyable learning experience. He advocates for students to take an active role in their development, discouraging reliance solely on trainers. GM Ramesh’s commitment to grooming responsible and self-reliant players has been a hallmark of his coaching philosophy.

The transition from being a player to a coach was not impulsive for GM Ramesh. His students’ remarkable achievements, from national champions to international masters and grandmasters, reinforced his success as a trainer. The joy he found in coaching, coupled with the increasing stress of playing, led him to devote more time to nurturing other players.

Praggnanandhaa and Vaishali | Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Among the many success stories that underline Grandmaster R.B. Ramesh’s coaching expertise, the journey with chess prodigy GM R Praggnanandhaa stands out. GM Ramesh commenced his collaboration with GM Pragg when he was on the brink of turning 8 years old, already holding the titles of national U-7 and world U-8 champion. Notably, Pragg’s sister, IM Vaishali R, was a formidable force herself, reigning as the world U-12 girls’ champion during that period. From the onset, it became evident that Pragg and Vaishali possessed extraordinary chess talents.

However, what truly impressed GM Ramesh was not just their skills but their down-to-earth and humble nature. Despite their early success, the siblings remained grounded, with success never clouding their approach to the game. Praggnanandhaa‘s journey symbolises not only GM R.B Ramesh’s coaching acumen but also the importance of humility, work ethic, and a self-driven mindset in the pursuit of excellence in chess..

For the Nigeria Chess Community on Discord, this lecture promises to be an enriching experience, it is going to be an opportunity to extract insights from one of the world’s finest chess coaches. GM R.B. Ramesh‘s dedication to making a difference in the lives of players striving for comebacks adds a fascinating layer to the event.

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