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As we draw closer to another weekend of speed chess, who can beat the masters of the heart-gripping blitz.

Last weekend was exciting with coach Bomo coming out to face it off with the titans in a 7 rounds swiss play and even though he conceded an early loss to the ever-challenging NM Godbless, he was still able to clinch unto the top spot on tie with Miedo aka “ways of The masters”.

The “Ways” had to settle for the 2nd place due to his lose to the coach in the penultimate rounds.

For a 3rd time in week’s succession, Obele Koko aka “father-of-The-double-knights” seizes the 3rd position with both losses to the top2 ‘quick-fingers’ and this is a warning to all who thinks the 1st position is out of his reach.

Once again, no under -15 proved to be a challenge apart from the ever-daring Kere (14yrs) who managed to give his coaches a face-lift when been honoured amongst the park of the “consoled” (5th).

So, from the office of the Bayelsa state chess association, we give you top 3 Speedsters for last weekend;

  1. Kigigha Bomo 6 wins out of 7 games
  2. Miedo Denenu 6 wins out of 7 games
  3. Obele Koko 5 wins out of 7 games

Registration is ongoing for another showdown this weekend Saturday the 22nd of August 2020.
For more information please call 08062509056

Gens Una Sumus (We are one family)
Coach Bomo kigigha



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