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It was another weekend of speed chess as the Masters of the game had to face it off on Saturday the 22nd of August 2020 in the Sampson Siasia stadium, in a 5+3 (blitz) time control format. This means that the masters had little or no time for thinking but of-course “pawns must move and kings must get mated” Now, when it comes to the blitz variant of chess ‘nerves’ come into play, calmness is key,….”checkmate is paramount”

To wrap it up for the weekend once again Kigigha Bomo makes it a double with 6.5 wins out of 7games. Yes! He was on a cruise with 6 out of 6wins only before 5th placed Douye Asingbi held him down to a draw in the last round.

A new master of the speed lane has made a statement this weekend that he is prepared to upset whoever thinks age is a barrier in the game. His name is Sunny Okpakpo. Narrowly lost to the weekend’s champion in what could have been described as “match of the tournament”. He went further on a demolition spree on all other of his opponents to prove 2nd isn’t a bad idea for all his effort.

The state’s ladder champion Master Inimo Kigigha who, last weekend missed out on this one, but this weekend has proved himself a worthy contender for the top spot. Although having gotten worked-over in the 1st round, Master Inimo Kigigha came back with winning ways round after round before letting his clock go down in the 5th round against the weekend champion and had to settle for 3rd position.

As for the under -15s, 14yr old Kere Alagoa showed no interest in this weekend’s encounter leaving his best junior position for 12yr old – upcoming – champion Marvellous Innocent who stopped at nothing to hang unto the loot.

It is not news that this lad has proven time and time again that she is the best when it comes to junior chess. She is gradually becoming another Judith Polgar of modern-day chess. 8yr old Deborah Quickpen slogging it out with adults is a piece to watch as she can never be underestimated when it comes to checkmating combinations. She is the best female junior for this weekend.

Also present in this weekend’s event was the attendance of the Director of sports Sir Braveman Wodi who in his normal way of encouraging sports development thanked the organizers and leaders of the state’s chess association and assured them of his unconditional love and support for the game.

We hope to see you again next weekend for another interesting encounter of speed-chess. BYSCA

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