Up Close and Personal with Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha


    Bayelsa monthly rapid chess & weekly blitz chess champion Engr. Inimo L.  Kigigha was interviewed by Adesewa Oyewole for a BruvsChess Media series “Up, Close and Personal“.

    Moderator:  Please tell us a little about yourself.

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: My name is Engr. Inimo L.  Kigigha a Master Category Chess Player, one time Olympian and presently the Bayelsa monthly rapid chess & weekly blitz chess champion.

    Moderator:  How does it feel being the new Bayelsa State Chess Champion?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: It feels so good and I am working extra hard to stay number one on the chart.

    Moderator:  We shared about four game reviews of the tournament here on our blog. Quite interesting I must say. Who would you say was your biggest challenger in this year’s championship?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: I see every participant here in Bayelsa as a potential challenger but i focus on the more experienced Chess masters like Bomo Kigigha, Obele Koko, Miedo Denenu Sunny Eyenghe, Douye Asingbi, Dr. Yinka Adesina, just to mention a few.

    Moderator:  How many State Chess Championships have you won?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: I had won some state Chess Championships in past years but recently 4 championships (2 monthly Rapid tournaments & 2 weekly blitz tournaments)

    Moderator:  When did you start playing chess?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: I started playing chess way back in 1990 when I was in primary 4. My Dad also taught us Chinese Checkers & Scrabble. In 1995 I won the National Under -14 NB PLC Chess Championship.

    Moderator:  Who inspired your chess career?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: Through the years I’ve been inspired by many chess champions. My Dad Sr. Dr. Lovet Kigigha taught me chess and often made out time to play chess with his sons.

    Sr. Braveman Wodi taught us how to record chess moves and various checkmate patterns (Knight & Bishop, Two Knights, and a pawn, two bishops) He also sponsored my younger brother Bomo Kigigha and I to our first tournament in 1995.

    Coach Dickson Dudiefa an old-time chess master also gave me access to his recording pads and chess books in 1994 and took me to Lagos in 1995 for the 20th NBL International Chess Championship.

    Rotimi Dasaolu got me my first chess book in 1996. I am also inspired by GM Garry Kasparov’s dynamic flair in chess but adopted GM Anatoly Karpov’s cold positional chess style.

    My younger brother Bomo Kigigha a consistent national champion is also a reason to always analyze chess. Charles Campbell & Lololmari George are my Caro-Kann defense mentors.

    I am also inspired by Odion Aikhoje a tactician & positional chess guru, and Adebayo Adegboyega a chess wonder man.

    Moderator:  Talking about chess in Nigerian, in what aspect do you want to see improvement?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: I would love to see better networking and Rebranding in Nigerian chess.

    Moderator:  Aside from playing chess, what other sports do you enjoy?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha: Scrabble, checkers and Chinese checkers, Memory sequence games, card games, swimming

    Moderator:  What other chess activities are you involved in at the moment?

    Engr. Inimo L. Kigigha:  At the moment, I teach and demonstrate the rhythm of chess.

    Moderator: Thank you so much for taking the time to have this interview with me. It was lovely having you here.

    …Interview Ends…



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