Tuesday Motivation by Mary Ogungbola


A short story about this photo: Link to facebook post

I missed my final year exams to go represent the school in the 2001 NUGA games. The school won only 2 gold medals. I won 1 of the 2 medals. I didnt really think it was a biggie. I was just fulfilling a passion then as an avid chess player. I was rescheduled to write the exams a few weeks after I returned and I aced all my papers.

Unknown to me, my project supervisor was not impressed with my disappearance act (though I didn’t just run off on my own, I was representing the school). He marked me down in my project work which carried a high point value. I graduated with a GPA less than I had anticipated. It affected my ability to get a ‘good’ job but I was not deterred. I worked with what I had and kept a good faith and i worked really hard. Trust me on the hard work part.

Today, I look back at that experience and I smile. I am in a good place and I am thankful for all the life experiences that helped shaped me to this present place.


Don’t get bitter, get better!

Move forward courageously and don’t give up on your dreams.

Keep putting in the work!

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

You will succeed!

Mary Ogungbola


  1. Highly inspiring! 3-4 Years after, it almost repeated with me. I think Schools in Nigeria should give more support to sport men and women as it requires a huge sacrifice to be a leading sport man. In my own case, i went to represent the same UNILORIN. Came back from Pre-NUGA on Sunday and wrote exam on Monday. I was able to scale through only for my Supervisor to angrily mark me down in my project and if not that i had a solid grade before then, i would have ended up in Third Class. I felt so bad but picked on with life. But in hindsight, i would have loved to have a lower grade as most Third Class graduates are now employing First Class Graduates(Lol). Thanks once again Sister Mary.


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