The Fathers Day Weskus Mall Rapid Chess Tournament 2019


On Saturday 15 June 2019 the West coast Chess union held the fathers day Weskus mall tournament in the Weskus mall Vredenburg.

Players from all over the Western Cape participated in this prestigious 10/10 rapid chess event which took the form of a 5 round swiss tournament. At 8:40, the president of the West Coast, Lyndon Julies opened the event and the arbiter Basil Ellman announced the start of the first round at 9:00am.

For non chess players just a brief explanation as to how playing with a clock works. Each player has 10 minutes on his/her clock. The clock of each player runs down as soon as your opponent makes a move and starts your clock by stopping his own clock. Confused, no worries we can teach you. Visit our Facebook page or website for more information.

We had six categories and the top 3winners for each category are as follows


Lyndon Julies(pres.), 1st Andrea, 2nd Joel, 3rd Andries and Andre Lewaks (Ass pres)

Lyndon Julies(pres.), Andrea 1st, Joel 2nd, Andries 3rd and Andre Lewaks (Ass pres)

U12                                                                                      U14

Basil Ellman (Prov. Arbiter) 1st Dominic Titus, 2nd Shaundre Lewaks, 3rd Anusha Louw and Andre Lewaks (ass president)

Basil Ellman (PA Arbiter) 1st Rozaan Galant, 2nd Shakir Kariem Ethan Minnaar Andre Lewaks (ass president)

U16                                                                                                      Adult section

Basil Ellman (Provincial Arbiter) 1st Jamie Lee Mitchells,                   Basil Ellman (Prov. Arbiter) 1st  Jacque Basson,

Caden Wilson, 3rd Thushani Naidoo, Lyndon Julies(pres)                   2nd  Chadley Klaasse, 3rd  Chalton King and Andre

Lewaks (ass president)

A Big thanks to the WESKUS MALL who made their venue available, also BB Bargain Books, Bierman & Grobbler, Boemanland Biltong, Cell C, De Jagers, Dischem, Fun-K shop, Montagu and Pick n Pay for sponsoring the event and making it an even greater success.

Due to all the sponsorships we had a lucky draw and the names off all the participants were entered. Players thus all stood the chance to win a prize and everyone was very happy with the outcome. Olivia Newman, a representative from the Weskus mall was there to oversee the process and also did the first and last draw.

We ask the West coast community to stand behind our players, by liking our west coast chess facebook page and or visit our chess website to see what our players are up to or simply give them a pat on the back if you meet them on the street. We also appeal to any potential sponsors to make contact with Lyndon Julies 072 390 8300, Andre Le Waks 081 725 9339 or Nathan Kamalie 071 095 5660 should you be interested to come on board to sponsor our players and or any individual player.

Our next major tournament is on the 9-11 August 2019 and is a provincial tournament hosted by the West Coast. There is a lot of chess activity happening in the West Coast, i.e. the Lambertsbay open which takes place on 6-7 July 2019. Also Checkmates open which takes place 17-18 August in Vredendal, The Basil Ellman rapid which takes place in September 2019.

Once again thank you to Olivia and the Weskus Mall team for affording us the opportunity to host this prestigious at your premises.

We wish all our players participating in the upcoming nationals SAJCC in short, the best and carry the flag of the West Coast Chess union with pride as you always do.

Article submitted by Basil Ellman on behalf of West Coast chess institute.


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