The Chess League Ibadan Season 1 Grand Finale: Blazing Kings, Bamboo Towers, Raia Rooks are Champions

Blazing Kings Chess Club—Winner of The Chess League Ibadan Season 1

The maiden edition of THE CHESS LEAGUE IBADAN has come to an end on the 29th day of May 2021. One of the most beautiful things about the league was the fact that some teams represent big organization, institution and brands. Notable teams are: UI Chess Club— represented by students at the prestigious university of Ibadan, IB Poly Chess Club— also represented by students of Polytechnic Ibadan, UCH Chess Club was represented by staffs and scholars of the University College Hospital Ibadan, PRO Chess Club—represented by FIDE Vice President—Mr. Lekan Adeyemi and his family.

Report by Tolulope Fasinu

BruvsChess Media had the opportunity to cover the final round live at the Indoor Sports Hall of the famous Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Before we go into the gist on actions from the final round, here is a brief story about the Ibadan Chess League.

THE IBADAN CHESS LEAGUE started as an idea within three games clubs namely: Bamboo Towers Chess Club, Blazing Kings Games Club, and UI Chess Club. These three clubs regularly play a small chess league, but later came the idea of expanding the league to accommodate more teams and players. Fast forward February of 2020, the conceived idea became reality which birthed THE CHESS LEAGUE IBADAN.

After the birth of THE CHESS LEAGUE IBADAN, the pandemic put the world on hold, just like every other activity—the league had to take a compulsory halt after round 7, but before then, TEAM RAILWAY CHESS CLUB was dominating the league, followed by RAIA ROOKS CHESS CLUB and BLAZING KINGS CHESS CLUB at third Place.

Second Place Goes to Bamboo Towers Chess Club Ibadan

Things started to take a different turn after the tournament resumed from a 13-month break! Many players have had the time to train, and the teams were given the chance to recruit new players.

Raia Rooks Chess Club Ile Ife Finished at Third Place

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The final round had all tables with clear results though the Blazing Kings were already clear winner of the league before the round, but the super team still went on to finish their opponent delivering 3.5—0.5 win!


S/NClub(W)M.PScoreM.PClub (B)
1Bamboo Towers C.C 2.5 – 1.5 BKGC Juniors
2Railway C.C 1 – 3 RAIA Rooks C.C
3Gistcom C.C 0.5 – 3.5 Blazing Kings G.C
4Prochess Club 1 – 3 Oyo Juniors
5U.C.H Chess Club 3 – 1 IB Poly C.C
6U.I Chess Club 4 – 0 NMA Oyo C.C

The Celebration of participants and Prize Winners

At 3:00 pm on Saturday 28th of May 2021, the closing ceremony began with a beautiful surprise; The Chess League had invited the Nigeria Woman Chess Champion—WFM Akintoye Deborah as the Master of Ceremony.

WFM Akintoye Deborah

After welcoming the players and invited guests to the event, Akintoye invited the veteran FIDE Master Adegboyega Adebayo for opening prayer. The National anthem and Oyo State Anthem was recited thereafter.

The honorable guest invited to the High table were Mr. Gboyega Makinde (G.M. Oyo State Sport Council), Mr. Lekan Adeyemi (FIDE Vice President and former President of the Nigeria Chess Federation), Mr. Iredele Ogunbayo (Chairman/Initiator of The Chess League Ibadan) Mr. Tunde Popoola (CEO Propella Foundation), Hon. Bisi Awope (RAIA ROOKS CEO), FM Adebayo Adegboyega, IM Odion Aikhoje, Dr. Adesina Olasunkanmi, Mrs. Adebola Adeyemi, and DVM. Oluwaseun Oliyide.

Mr. Gboyega Makinde (G.M. Oyo State Sport Council) presenting medals to some of the winners

The General Manager Oyo State Sport Council—Mr. Gboyega Makinde, made the first opening speech, educating the audience on the history of chess in Oyo state, how it all began and the impact the state has made in the development of chess in Nigeria through some legends who gave their time and resources to make things happen. Mr. Makinde reminded the audience of the evidence of good works from the Oyo State’s chess promoters, players and enthusiast at the National Sports Festival EDO 2020. He then applauded the efforts of the team of organizers that put together the chess league which has brought good reputation to the state. To conclude his speech, heannounced a unanimous vote with some state council members and state association members, they have approved to have Mr. IREDELE OGUNBAYO as the next Chairman of the Oyo State Chess Association.

Just after the big announcement, Mr. Iredele Ogunbayo acknowledged the attendees of the ceremony including the members of the press, the honorable members at the high table and participants. The chairman ensured that this is just the beginning, the players should hope for better season going forward. Through the brief story on how the league began he made the audience understand that it was truly a humble beginning and the supports from the few individuals and organizations and particularly the players, made it all possible. He then used the opportunity to make a little acceptance speech, more like a simple vote of thanks to General Manager Makinde as well as the respectable individuals who have chosen him for the new appointment.

Mr. Iredele Ogunbayo Presented Awards of Recognition

FIDE Vice President and former President Nigeria Chess Federation—Mr. Adeyemi Lekan was given the floor to give a speech.

Mr. Adeyemi started by giving kudos to the organizers for taking such a fine step towards promotion of chess in Oyo state, however, Oyo State is bigger than the city of Ibadan and so there would be need to change the name to Oyo State Chess League.

“It is a very good thing you have invited members of press to this event today, because now everything will be well documented and it will be easier to show the work done to potential sponsors for future events” Mr. Lekan Adeyemi continued, advising the organizers; there are a lot to be improved on, “it is not enough that we play chess, but play in the proper professional manner as regulated by the world chess federation (FIDE), you need to impose better discipline and follow all FIDE tournament rules and regulations, come next season, and by doing so you will be giving the tournament a better standard.

FIDE Vice President and former President Nigeria Chess Federation—Mr. Adeyemi Lekan Presenting the medals

Mr. Adeyemi concluded by acknowledging that it is a privilege to be part of the league and his registered team PRO CHESS CLUB had a share of fun!

Medals were awarded, certificates were presented and the champion of the league were presented their trophies.


Season 1

Ranking Cross-table after Round 22

CBlazing Kings G.C2218044066.5
2Bamboo Towers C.C2215343462.5
3RAIA Rooks C.C2216603259.5
4Railway C.C2212642858.5
5UI Chess Club2213722853.5
6BKGC Juniors228772348
7Gistcom C.C228862244
8UCH Chess Club227872143
9IB Poly C.C2251341435
10Prochess Club2251431330.5
11.Oyo Juniors2251521225.5
12NMA Oyo C.C 000000


Tie Breaks 1: Match-points (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)

Tie Breaks 2: Scores count (Game-points)

Tie Breaks 3: The result of the teams in the same point group according to Match-point



11Ozeigbe PromiseUI C.C1420GOLD
 2Soliu HassanBKGC JUNIORS12.522SILVER
 3Olaniran TosinUCH C.C8.59BRONZE
21Omolayo AyomideRAIA ROOKS C.C1620GOLD
 2Animashaun ArowoloBLAZING KINGS G.C14.517SILVER
 3Adedipe JideGISTCOM C.C1320BRONZE
31Ejale EmmanuelRAILWAY C.C13.520GOLD
 2Agboluaje AzeezBAMBOO TOWERS C.C8.512SILVER
 3Babalola AdetolaUCH C.C813BRONZE
41Muftau WarisBLAZING KINGS G.C16.521GOLD
 2Sambo JosephRAILWAY C.C1622SILVER
 3Oyewale Oluchi  AlexisGISTCOM C.C1122BRONZE
51Endurance EyefiaUCH C.C1222GOLD
 3Raji BabatundeGISTCOM C.C1021BRONZE
 3Odetola OluwatoniRAIA ROOKS C.C67BRONZE
71Adeyemi AyomiposiPROCHESS CLUB820GOLD
81Adesina AyomideRAIA ROOKS C.C1114GOLD
 3Adesina OlanrewajuRAILWAY C.C9.515BRONZE
91Omojola DamilolaUI C.C6.58GOLD
 2Okeleye TimileyinBAMBOO TOWERS4.55SILVER
101Afolabi EmmanuelBAMBOO TOWERS C.C6.58GOLD
 2Folorunsho CyrilUI C.C22SILVER
 3Emmanuel UseinUCH C.C11BRONZE

Vote of thanks was given by the League Director, DI Olabode Sofoluwe which was promptly followed with a closing prayer by Mr Ayodeji Henry a former Oyo state chess player and current Bamboo Towers Chess Club captain.

The closing ceremony was followed by a big after-party hosted at Bamboo Towers to celebrate the players after months of hard work and celebration of the organizers for a job well done.

Report by Tolulope Fasinu


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