The 45th Chess Olympiad: Bayelsa State Dominates at Chess Olympiad Trials in Lagos

    FM Bomo Kigigha (Coach). Photo: Othims

    In an impressive demonstration of chess mastery, 28 elite chess players converged in Lagos for a demanding 13-round robin tournament in June 2024. The ultimate goal is to secure a coveted spot on Nigeria’s national team bound for the prestigious World Chess Olympiad in Hungary.

    Bayelsa State, renowned for its chess expertise, deployed a formidable five-player team, expertly guided by Coach FM Bomo Kigigha. This chess legend has claimed four National Champion titles and represented Nigeria in seven Chess Olympiads. The team included:
    FM Bomo Kigigha (Coach)
    Ekunke Goodness
    Suleiman Azumi
    Enomah Emmanuella
    Deborah Quickpen (Wildcard)

    FM Bomo Kigigha. Photo:Othims
    Suleiman Azumi. Photo:Othims
    Enomah Emmanuella. Photo: Othims
    Deborah Quickpen. Photo:Othims
    Ekunke Goodness. Photo: Othims

    After a really competitive brilliant match, four Bayelsa players demonstrated exceptional skill and mental endurance, earning their places on the national team. Deborah Quickpen, the female National Chess Champion and protégée of Coach Bomo Kigigha, secured the 4th spot as a wildcard, displaying her remarkable talent.

    These outstanding players will proudly represent Nigeria at the World Chess Olympiad from the 10th to the 23rd of September, 2024, honoring their state, country, and themselves with their intellectual achievements. Congratulations to the qualifiers!

    We are proud of you!


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