The league is Open to all this year, no rating bound.

Each team will consist of four boards that will line-up in descending rating order from board 1-4.

The League will be run as a Swiss Tourney.

Ojikutu Samuel will act as League Chief Arbiter Director (LCA) and assisted by Patrick Obiaga

Fawole John Oyeyemi is the League Director (LD).


All players shall be members of their respective Summer Chess League teams and members of their Clubs in the season in which the games will be rated – in this case 2019-20. A breach of this rule will see a fine of N5, 000 plus the cost of the grading fee/fine levied against the captain of the offending team.


A won match shall count 3 points to the winning team and a drawn match 1 point to each team. A loss counts for 0. Within the league, teams will be placed in order: match points, highest first, then game points, highest first. For any remaining ties the results of the matches between the tied teams will be used in the same way to determine placing’s.


  • No player shall play for more than one Summer Chess League team or a sister club. The first club represented in the season is assumed to be the player’s declared club.
  • A breach of 4(a) shall involve loss of the particular game(s) involved for the offending player for the purpose of calculating points (with opponent scoring a win).

For rating purposes the game will be scored according to the result of the game.

  • This rule may be waived in exceptional circumstances
  • Allow players to play in the Open provided their grade allows this – So this means we just name the captain of each team and allow them to select the players.

Rating for players will be taken from the January list 2019 for the duration of the league season (July to September)

Unrated players should be assigned an estimated rating by the Team Captain and inform the League TD following advice from the Team Captain. Such advice should be provided before the player concerned plays their first game in the SCL. In exceptional circumstances a player may play without an estimated rating. The League TD may, at his discretion, impose a penalty for each breach of this rule’ which makes it clear that teams run the risk of a penalty if they break the rule.

VENUE: The venue of the summer chess league is GODFATHER LOUNGE Gwarimpa, Abuja


If a player who is named on the team list defaults for any reason, his/her rating will count towards the average rating of the team. Where only three or fewer are named on the team sheet then the average rating will be calculated using the mean rating of the named players on the team sheet to calculate the average rating of the team


At least five minutes before the time arranged for the start of the match, the captains of each team shall exchange team lists. The players must be arranged in descending order of playing strength starting on Board 1.


All participant teams in the Summer Chess League must declare their line-up by 5pm on the Thursday before the match on the Saturday morning the following week.

Failure to do so will result in the following escalation of actions:

First offence will mean the offending team will not see the line-up of their opponents and will receive an official warning as to future behavior and the consequences. A second offense will result in the penalty of a loss of one game in that match. The board concerned will be decided by the League TD retrospectively. A third offense will result in the penalty of a loss of two games in that match. The boards concerned will be decided by the League TD retrospectively.


SCL matches will commence play at 10.00am on the dot. It is intended that the league will be played in accordance to FIDE regulations as a six (9) round swiss system tournament.

SCL matches will have a five and a half-hour playing session with digital clocks. The time limit is as follows. Each player will start with 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one (1).


The league schedule is as indicated here below. Any changes to the schedule would be communicated before the start of the round.


The colour of board one for each match will be determined once the fixture list is agreed.


After 30 minutes from the time agreed for the start of a match a team shall score a win for each player whose proper opponent is still absent, unless another player has previously been substituted.


Both clubs concerned must forward the result of the match giving names and individual results to the Chief League Results Officer –Ojikutu Soji within 7 days of the match taking place.

All team captains must take a picture of the finished scoresheet of the game of each team member and then commit the games to a PGN as outlined in the email circular to be sent latest 5th July, 2019 as well as the Team Captains meetings.


Details of any disputes or protests by a club shall be sent in writing (email) within 7 days of the incident to the League TD who will make a ruling on the matter.


If any team defaults more than half its matches during a season, all that team’s matches shall be cancelled from the competition.

The League TD shall have the power to decide upon any issue not covered by the above rules.


All games will be played using the Laws of Chess as recognized by the FIDE except where modified in the rules.

(a) Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be brought into the playing area but must be switched off or in silent mode in the playing area. Any such device may be used or answered only outside the playing area. If any such device is used or produces any sound in the playing area during play then the player with the phone should, in the first instance, be warned. A second offence will result in the loss of the game. These rules may be relaxed where there is prior agreement between match captains.

(b) Disputes arising during play

In the event of a dispute the captains will resolve the matter there and then. If the captains are playing in the match their clocks will be stopped until the matter is resolved. If resolution is not possible the League TD will be consulted and his decision will be final.

All matches will be played to the FIDE Laws of Chess.

The FIDE Laws of Chess

A written version of the rules of chess will be available on the morning. Please note the following in particular.

Writing down moves:

A player must write down all moves for the game because of the time increment this is possible.

If a player fails to write down his/her moves after repeated warnings he/she will forfeit the game.

Penalties for illegal moves:

For the first instance of an illegal move, two minutes shall be added to the clock of the opponent and the illegal move shall be replaced with a legal move. If a player makes a second illegal move in a game they shall be deemed to have lost the game unless the opponent is unable to checkmate by a legal series of moves, in which case the result is a draw. See article 7.5 of the FIDE Laws of Chess for further information.

Claiming draws:

A player with less than two minutes remaining on his or her clock may make a draw claim if he or she believes their opponent either cannot win by normal means or has been making no effort to win my normal means. See Guideline 111.6 of the FIDE Laws of Chess for full details. If agreement is not reached between the two match captains the matter should be referred to the League TD as in 12(b).

Weather Condition: Just because it is summer, it might be windy and rainy; players are advisedto come to the playing venue with their cardigan/sweater to avoid any form of unfavorable weather.

Parking Space: Parking space is available on first come, first serve.

**Note** Each Club/Team is meant to provide two (2) Chess boards and clocks. The games will be played using DGT clocks and pairing will be published on

Tie-Break: The arbiter will decide on the tie-break system to be used in case of Tie-break. Thiswould be spelt out before the commencement of round 1.

13. Proposed Prizes:

1st Prize N150, 000 + Championship Trophy + Medals

2nd Prize N100, 000 + Silver Medal

3rd Prize N50, 000 + Bronze Medal

The total cash prizes amount to N300, 000

Registration fee for the Summer Chess League Abuja 2019 is N10, 000

On behalf of the organizing committee of Summer Chess League Abuja 2019, I look forward to your valued presence at the Summer Chess League Abuja 2019.


FM Fawole John Oyeyemi

League Director- Summer Chess league Abuja 2019


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