Summer Chess League Abuja 2019: Week 1 Results Recap


The Summer Chess League Abuja 2019 got underway last Saturday with 9 registered teams. Round 1 saw interesting pairings and results. Royal Chess Club beat Gambit Chess Club to a 3-1. Table 2 saw Karu Chess Club who fought against her second team in the Summer Chess League Karu Chess Club 2. The match ended in a 4-0 in favour of Karu Chess Club.

BruvsChess and CassChess Team splits the result on table 3 with a score of 2-2. It was quite fascinating to see the new team CassChess Team do excellently well against BruvsChess with almost all FIDE rated players.

Kaspy Group did not spare Lugbe Chess Club in Round 1 as they unleashed a spectacular 4-0 on Lugbe Chess Club. Abuja Rockstars went on Bye in Round 1.

The Summer Chess League Abuja 2019 is indeed an exciting event. Great thanks to our host- Gambit Chess Club, all participating teams and arbiters. Without your attendance, there wouldn’t be a Summer Chess League. Many thanks to all who were of great support in this mighty work.


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