Summer Chess League Abuja 2019: Round 2 – 4 Results Recap


The 2019 summer chess league Organized by BRUVSCHESS MEDIA started on the 13th of July 2019 and scheduled to end in the 7th of September 2019 in Nigeria’s federal capital territory, Abuja. The league comprises of 9 registered teams with a time control of 90min + 30sec increment per move from move 1. The league so far has gotten to round 4 and had since taken interesting turns.

Update on the Team-Pairings from rounds 2 to 4: Click for an update on round 1

Round 2 concluded with Team CassChess beating the Kaspy Group to a 3½ – ½ point respectively.   Karu Chess Club 2 played against the BruvsChess team ending up in a 3-1 in favour of Karu Chess Club 2. Gambit Chess Club and Karu Chess Club had a tie of 2-2 while the Abuja Rockstars played against the Royal Chess Club ending in a 3-1 in favour of Royal Chess Club. In round 2, the Lugbe Chess Club went on Bye.

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Round 3 took a turn for Karu Chess Club who played against the Abuja Rockstars ending up in a 4-0 in favour of Abuja Rockstars. BruvsChess team and Gambit Chess Club played against each other ending with a point of 2½ – 1½ in favour of BruvsChess team. Kaspy Group and Karu Chess Club 2 ended up with 3 – 1 respectively while Team CassChess beat Lugbe Chess Club with a 3½ – ½ point. Royal Chess Club, however, went on Bye in round 3.

Round 4 took an interesting turn with Karu Chess Club 2 beating Lugbe Chess Club to a 4 – 0, Gambit Chess Club and Kaspy Group came close but ended up in favour of Gambit Chess with a 2½ – 1½.   Bruvschess beat   Abuja Rockstars to a 2½ – 1½ point while the Royal Chess Club beat Karu Chess Club to a 2½ – 1½ point. In round four, the Team CassChess went on Bye.

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Tournament director     FAWOLE JOHN OYEYEMI

Chief Arbiter                  OBIAGA PATRICK

Deputy Chief Arbiter      OJIKUTU SAMUEL


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