Poetry and Passion: Adaramaja Declares Love for Chess


Chess players have always been known for their strategic thinking and analytical skills, but did you know that many of them possess hidden talents beyond the board?

From music to art, writing to acting, the chess community is full of individuals who have found success in multiple pursuits.

This is yet another reminder that the game of chess attracts some of the most dynamic and versatile individuals around.

Lagos State Chess Player—Adaramaja Temitope took to her Facebook page and wrote poetry about her undying love and gratitude for chess.

She wrote:

“The first time I laid my eyes on you
I fell in love with you
My love for you grew more day by day to the extent that it can’t be measured

I wonder🤔 what would have been of me If I had not met you
Without you in my life am like a Scalar Quantity
Thank you for being a Part of my life
Thank you for the Good and Bad times

My Relationship with you had made me see life through another dimension
More wins
Greater heights

I pray our relationship last long
Because my LOVE for you is everlasting
Thank you once again for being a part of my life”

Chess Ode by Adaramaja Temitope


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