October 7: Love to Fawole & Afolabi From Bruvschess Media Team


Today is a very special day, not just because it is Monday but because we are celebrating the birthdays of two wonderful people; Fawole David Oluwaseyi and Afolabi Babafemi!

In case you are wondering, Fawole David Oluwaseyi is a director and real estate consultant at Faomec Nigeria Limited, a great supporter of Bruvschess Media, a friend of the team and a brother to our Founder & Executive Editor, Fawole John Oyeyemi. His support and contribution to the success of Bruvschess Media have been of great benefit over the year. May this special day bring a lot of joy, happiness, and success to you. 

Fawole David Oluwaseyi

If you have ever wondered where all the creativity on Bruvschess Media comes from, well, meet our creative director Afolabi Babafemi. It is safe to say that the definition of creativity would not be complete without mentioning him. Thank you for the passion and zeal that you have demonstrated so far as well as the wonderful creative ideas. May this special day bring you a lifetime of happiness and success. 

Afolabi Babafemi

Thank you both for putting so much colour and life and also for your support and contribution to the success of Bruvschess Media. Happy birthday and many more returns from all of us at Bruvschess Media.


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