My Musing…Chess is Often in the Mind…Olakunle Kasumu


    My Musing….

    Chess is often in the mind. Life is also often in the mind. Possessing skills is essential but not adequate. Your mindset is key. If you lose in your mind, chances are high that you will lose on the board and in life. The greatest chess players don’t start games thinking like losers. Same thing in life, you can’t think like a loser and turn out great. Belief, faith and confidence in your abilities and positive outcomes of your battles are key.

    Chess champions don’t lose and quit. They lose and play on; they lose and win and lose and win until they start winning more than losing. You need the same spirit to win in life. You should never quit after losing a round in life. Play on. Find a new line, a new combination, a new strategy. Win and lose and win and lose until you start winning more than losing. Champions – in chess and in life – are winners who keep on playing after losing.

    Olakunle Kasumu.


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