International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2021


The United Nation would be proud to see how Life and Chess in collaboration with the Heritage and Sports Colony International limited have celebrated the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2021 on this day Tuesday 6th.

The Heritage and Sports Colony decided to encourage peace as well as develop the community; through the mind and mental development and awareness for kids and teenagers by organizing a Juniors Chess Tournament.

Report by: Tolulope Fasinu.

The tournament took place in the lounge section of a plaza known as Mary’s Place in Benin, Edo State, just 2.3km away from the popular Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium where the National Sports Festival currently takes place as well. The 4 rounds tourney was originally scheduled to be a five-round event but met some delay in the early hours due to technical challenges eventually it was worth the wait. The interviews we conducted with some of the participants and guidance says it all.

Tolulope: What is your name?

Peter: My name is Peter

Tolulope: Didi you play in the tournament?

Peter: No, I came to support my friends

Tolulope: And how was the environment

Peter: It was perfect!

Tolulope: Perfect? That is good…

Peter: Yeah, it was perfect I believe

Tolulope: And do you play chess too?

Peter: No, I don’t but I am going to learn after learning here, I want to learn.

Tolulope: Glad you wish to learn how to play chess, remember, in the spirit of promoting peace when you learn how to play chess you also have to try teach others okay? That is how we spread peace to the world.

While some enjoyed the atmosphere, some had a tough time playing for the gold… Well, that is what sport is about, competitiveness… here is an interview with Eseoghene.

Tolulope: Hello, please tell us your name

Ese: My name is Eseoghene

Tolulope: I saw you upstairs a while ago crying, what happened?

Ese: I was crying because I lost a game

Tolulope:  Oh, you did. How many games did you play today?

Ese: I played 4 games

Tolulope: So, you lost one of 4 games, and that is why you have a silver medal right now?

Ese: Yes (now with a smile on)

Tolulope: What did you then learn from your loss?

Ese: I learned never to give up

Tolulope: Correct, did you consider the person you lost to as enemy?

Ese: No, we are still friends

Tolulope: That is correct, and that is what sportsmanship is about. Congratulations on your silver medal Ese.

The tournament organizers were prouder of the feat they achieved in promoting chess and here is the conversation with some of the organizing committees.

Listen to the interview below.

The game of chess does promote unity and peace through good sportsmanship and it was a great way to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Report by: Tolulope Fasinu.



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