Eleanor Olajide: A 7-Year-Old Chess Prodigy in the Making


Chess can be a very complex game and takes time to master. True, chess can be played by everyone at any age, but not everyone can dedicate the amount of time it takes to master the game of chess. This is why we recognize and appreciate chess players, especially one as young as Eleanor Olajide.

Eleanor Olajide is not just a regular 7-years-old, she is, in fact, a Nigerian chess champion. At a very young age, her profile is very impressive, and her accomplishment very enviable.

Eleanor Olajide who was born in 2013 is a 3 times winner of the Young Chess Talent Medal in 2018, 2019 and 2020 when she was 4, 5 and 6 years old respectively at the Abuja Inter-School Chess Tournament.

She was also the children chess champion at the age of 5 at the African Board Games Convention in 2018, and the first runner-up at the African Board Games convention in 2019.

She also emerged Winner of other privately organized chess tournaments.

It is also interesting to know that Eleanor Olajide is the children Ambassador of Royals Chess Club Abuja.

We hope that her chess career blossoms as she does over the years.



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