Edo 2020 Chess Event Update: Round Six Drama

Samson Ofubu of Bauchi State

Every player needs to win now more than ever, if not for the team, at least for their individual board medal.

In the male category, teams like Delta State need more wins to retain their spot at the top, Oyo State needs wins to get either back on the top or secure a spot on the top three ranks.

Report by Tolulope Fasinu

Ogun State team needs more wins to ensure a spot on the top 4 or top-five rank while other teams only have players competing for board medals or trying to get the team a good performance at the least.

In the female section, The Lagos state needs to win all remaining matches to take the trophy home and the Oyo state needs to win all games to at least stand a chance at competing for the #1 spot in case the Lagos state slips.

ASSA OLUWASEUN continues the fight for her board gold medal while also trying to keep the team afloat as they struggle to keep a spot on the top 5 ranks.

Assa Oluwaseun

Now, here is how it all went down in the 6th round!

ONI TUMININU of the Lagos State Team continued to secure her run for the board silver medal by defeating CHINYERE UDEMBA of the Delta State but the other ladies were not able to deliver the same, the Lagos state lost the first of their remaining crucial four matches to the Delta State Team which takes the Deltas back to the second rank and Team Lagos back to the second spot.

Chinyere Udemba

Oyo State players were able to take the win to climb back up to the top except for OMISHOGBON, NKEM-1748 who was unable to slow down JOY ERABOR FELIX in her race for board Gold Medal.

Omishogbon Nkem

Ogun state ladies had a good result as ASSA OLUWASEUN-1777 defeats her opponent in a miniature game and the team bagged a 1-3 score against the Kogi State team.

Ekiti State Ladies keep doing alright for a first-timer as they defeated the FCT team to climb to #12 spot on the rank table.

To maintain a good performance the Bauchi State male team held down the host team in a long bout which didn’t end too well for the Bauchi State team.

Bauchi state captain did complain of unfairness in arbitration of the match but I will just leave the incident summary here at the end of the round report and let you be the judge.

Ogun state team tried but couldn’t hold back their fellow Western contemporary but made a good mark on the board one where the captain of the team AJAYI, PETER TAIWO-2043 took down International Master ANWULI DANIEL ending the match with 1-3 score.

IM Daniel Anwuli

The match between the Delta and Bayelsa states was over within an hour, a 2-2 score was recorded, but this begs the question “how does a match between teams full of 2000+ ELO players end in one hour?”

The result of the 6th round is yet to be updated on the chess-results server, but we will update you all on this write-up as soon as we have it.

The game between SAMSON OFUBU and CM ISAAC OKEKE had been on for 3hours and counting, then SAMSON who had offered his opponent a draw but was declined decided to take the draw by technical play but he needed clarity on the rule to do this.
So, he asked the arbiters “how many moves count do I need to claim a draw after plays without an exchange, I want to be sure if it is 25 moves or 50 moves” But the Deputy arbiter IA OBINNA OGBONNAYA replied (responding from his seat a little away from the board) by asking him first “what does your FIDE rule say?” but Samson said he wasn’t sure if it is 25 or 50 moves.

IA OBINNA OGBONNAYA said to him, “When you make a claim, the arbiter will attend to the claim”. The players at this point resumed play, shortly after SAMSON who had done his count and calculations called the arbiters to claim a technical draw” I will like to make a draw claim now on the 25moves count” SAMSON called out, but the arbiters this time refused him completely “Is that what your FIDE rule says?! IA OBINNA yelled (still from his seat) and asked the game to continue.

At this point, SAMSON OFUBU decided to resign as the arbiters have refused to treat him with respect.

Report by Tolulope Fasinu


  1. I think the IA should have acted better. He too must have been tired, I think it was the arbiter’s call to expressly call out the rules for both participants.


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