Fresh out of rest day, the sixth round of the 2022 African Individual Chess Championship saw chess players come out gun blazing, with over 80% wins and 18% draw statistics.

Leading the tournament are Eygptian top players Grandmaster Adly Ahmed (African number 2) and Woman Grandmaster Wafa Shahenda. Both have consolidated their lead in the competition, as every win counts to games 4 and 5.

WGM Wafa trounced her Angolan opponent, Woman International Master ESPERANCA Caxita, in a Sicilian game with black mostly dominating the game right from the middlegame. WGM Wafa is a whole point ahead of her contemporaries, but the fight is still far from over!

Iyefu Onoja: Photo credit- Babatunde Ogunsiku

Nigerian youngster—Onoja Iyefu Joy continues to show resilience and determination to earn her first chess title and create a record while at it.

Joy on Saturday continued her fine run of form by scoring an entire point against PAULO Jemima to register the second position on the ranking table with 9 points. A win in the 7th round will help Joy secure a Woman International Master Title.

Toritsemuwa- Photo credit- Babatunde Ogunsiku

WIM (elect) Ofowino Toritsemuwa surpasses her AICC Tunisia 2019 record, and she is bound to create a new one as she takes on WGM Wafa in the seventh round.

Toritsemuwa currently shares second place with her compatriot, Iyefu Onoja, both holding 4.5 points, hence making the 7th game point as crucial for Toritsemuwa just as the WGM, will the Nigerian Queens rise to the occasion? The seventh round kicks off at 3 pm +1 GMT today 25th of September.

Eyetonghan Denyefa Callistus: Photo credit- Babatunde Ogunsiku

There are many spotlights in the Open section, but the brightest one seems to be Nigeria’s 20-year-old Eyetonghan Denyefa Callistus. If this were a Lichess tournament, we’d say Callistus is on fire. He scored an outstanding 4.5 points after six games, but it is not about the score, somewhat the opponents; defeating 1 GM, 2 IMs, and three draws against two IMs and FM, the youngster will get his chance at GM Adly in the seventh round.

With a half point behind the tournament leader, African Number 1–GM Amin Bassem landed his second consecutive win after the drawn game with compatriot GM Ahmed Adly, demonstrating he still stands a chance to catch up and maybe win the tournament.

Bassem faces IM David Silva of Angola in the seventh round, who had to offer a draw to his opponent in the sixth round due to health issues. We hope he’s gotten his strength back for this crucial game.

The African Individual Chess Championship is gradually ending, and I can tell you that history has been made here at the Lagos Nigeria AICC 2022.

We will soon bring you all the interesting facts that have made history from this event.

Rank after Round 6 Opens Section

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 Rp
12GMAdly AhmedEGY25785,52382202302742
21GMAmin BassemEGY26635234620,52302586
38IMSilva DavidANG23154,5230719,52202465
435Eyetonghan Denyefa CallistusNGR20794,5229516,519,502443
55GMHesham AbdelrahmanEGY23744,522401820,502407
621Kabwe TimothyZAM220642373202102403
74IMOrtega Amarelle MarianoCPV247442332192202421
825Gong Thon GongSSD21664231219,52202384
93IMRakotomaharo Fy AntenainaMAD249242311212402404
1019Zhemba JemusseZIM2232422821819,502341
1113FMLungu NaseZAM2261421601617,502263
1212FMAdebayo Adegboyega JoelNGR2267421541719,502266
1315FMOragwu ChukwunonsoNGR22484208615,51802178
1422FMKigigha Bomo LovetNGR21963,52392202202338
1520CMPaiva DonaldoMOZ22073,5228417,519,502263
1623IMOkeke Isaac ChukwudaluNGR21803,52204181902165
179IMBeukes Dante MNAM22953,521421517,502190
1814IMOlape BunmiNGR22503,521361618,502175
196GMSolomon KennyRSA23563,5212916,518,502234
2010Ajibola OlanrewajuNGR22853,52063151702046
2124FMMulenga Prince DanielZAM21713230817,52002194
2229Emmanuel Joy IdaraNGR211632298192102203
2334Okemakinde ToluwanimiNGR20833228418,52002241
2416John HenrySSD224532261182002208
2527Lapite OluwadurotimiNGR21363225419,521,502144
2638IMAdu OladapoNGR20263222017,52002132
2731Peter Majur ManyangSSD21113219617,519,502100
287IMPhiri RichmondZAM23513218517,520,502167
2918IMAikhoje OdionNGR22393217814,516,502129
3011FMAbdulraheem Abdulrahman AkintoyeNGR2277321641820,502129
3117IMBalogun Oluwafemi DanielNGR224032152171802094
3228FMDe Gondo Simplice ArmelCIV211932096141502034
3343Lesbros BernardSEN18843196913,51401808
3433FMOnovughe Ochuko EmmanuelNGR208731956141601895
3526Rehan Deng CyprianoSSD21452,5228018,521,502102
3632CMOnokpite KennedyNGR20952,5219716,517,502045
3730Etukakpan LeonardNGR21132,521661820,502007
3849Amega-Dzaka Komi NukunuTOG16212,5210113,51501959
3951Amako Marc ArnoldCIV15552,5207113,515,502020
4039FMBarcon HarmonLBR19512,52013151601787
4136FMEbosse Kingue Victor PatrickCMR20752,518271313,501632
4240AFMIkhimiukor EhidiamenNGR19422221015,51701883
4342Thomas SaahLBR188622170151601955
4447Egbe Kossi ThierryTOG16952207514,516,501970
4546Wallace O. WilliamsLBR172522064141501762
4644Mahamat Hachim BacharCHA181521923141501644
4741Apollos AkomakaNGR19092178213,51401527
4837CMChimthere Alfred CharlesMAW20271,520541616,501686
4950Kpan Deckalet Mario ProsperCIV15911,520461517,501812
5045Fomevor Cephas ClintonGHA18031204814,51601601
5148Botsoe KoffiTOG1629119721314,501537
5254Ntsaou Moubikou Josue CyriaqueGAB01182310,511,501418
5355Pissama Ntsaou MartialGAB0116211111,501256
5452Aboubacar AkarintkittNIG00197412,5140979
5553Alexandra SibandaZIM00012,513,500

Rank after Round 6 Women section

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11WGMWafa ShahendaEGY21105,5181617,520
211Onoja Iyefu JoyNGR17624,518441820
36Ofowino ToritsemuwaNGR18574,5169718,521
421Likando NamakauZAM15274184118,521
52wimESPERANCA CaxitaANG19614176919,522
613WIMVan Zyl CharlizeRSA17103,518611920,5
719WFMMbatha ConstanceZAM16133,518461515
85PAULO JemimaANG18863,5181920,524
918WCMAmpaire ShakiraUGA16573,5177317,520
109Amadasun RosemaryNGR18073,517571819,5
1114WIMLaubscher AnzelRSA17053,517231818
1210Michael BridgetNGR18003,5170817,519,5
137WFMLUZIA PiresANG18393,5160315,517
1420WCMPhiri BerthaZAM15843186818,521
1522Ayemou Mazan Emmanuela EstherCIV1523317131516,5
168WCMAramude SandraNGR1813316351416
1715Marochkina Nadezhda ValerevnaSEN1689315831617,5
183WFMOloruntola OluwatobilobaNGR1918315711213,5
1912WIMVilhete Vania Fausto Da T.MOZ17182,518381921
2016WCMMudodo Refiloe HazelZIM16832,518321820
214Pelomoh JessicaNGR19042,515631618
2224Abigail KaryahLBR14352183015,517
2317Oyelese MayomiNGR16772181115,517,5
2425WCMYavo Tchetche MarieCIV1363216901414
2526Oyenga Justine AnassikaTOG1192216161212
2623Nkhoma DesiderataMAW14461,517041515
2727Ayemou Akissi Victoire SinchieCIV11821,5149513,513,5
2828Pissama Ntsaou Diva SaraGAB00146412,514


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