2021 African Individual Chess Championships Round 7: Adly, Amin, Nassr, February leads

GM Adly Ahmed battles FM Mwale Joseph

The 2021 African Individual Chess Championships is taking place on 17th May—28th May 2021 at Golden Peacock Hotel, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Egyptian Chess Players— Grandmaster Adly Ahmed and Grandmaster Bassem Amin are leading the pack with 6/7 at 2021 African Individual Chess Championships.

African’s Number one (1) chess player—GM Bassem Amin defeated Malagasy’s number one(1) ranked player—IM Rakotomaharo, Fy Antenaina while African’s Number two (2)—GM Ahmed Adly took care of Malawi’s sensation—FM Mwale Joseph. Third place is occupied by another Egyptian Chess Player—Grandmaster Fawzy Adham who dealt a big blow on Ugandan’s FM Kawuma Patrick to end his unbeaten run at the championships.

GM Bellahcene Bilel who suffered a terrible loss to FM Mwale Joseph in round 6 got back to winning ways by defeating FM Mhango Banele in round 7.

Standing after Round 7—Open

In the Women Section, WIW Nassr Lina and WIM February Jesse Nikki are leading with 5.5/7. WIW Nassr Lina got the better of WFM Mwango Lorita and ended her unbeaten run. On the other top boards, WIM February Jesse Nikki, WIM Moaataz Ayah, Shriyan Santosh Priyasha, Marochkina Nadezha Valerevna all defeated their opponents with the black pieces.

WIM Nassr Lina in Action


Round 7 on 2021/05/25 at 15:00

Bo.No. NameBdldFEDRtgPts.ResultPts.NameBdldFEDRtg No.
13WIMNassr LinaALG19601 – 05WFMMwango LoritaZAM19124
210WCMCharinda KudzanayiZIM17020 – 1WIMFebruary Jesse NikkiRSA18246
312WCMNdirangu Joyce NyaruaiKEN165940 – 14WIMMoaataz AyahEGY20282
45WFMOgbiyoyo Perpetual ElohoNGR188040 – 14Shriyan Santosh PriyashaMAW128529
59WFMMarape NalediBOT171740 – 1Marochkina Nadezhda ValerevnaSEN163913
61WGMWafa ShahendaEGY21451 – 0WFMMongeli SashaKEN155317
727Badenhorst ChloeRSA13161 – 0WIMVilhete Vania Fausto Da T.MOZ17997
88Nakabo PeninahUGA17301 – 0Msukwa TupokiweMAW130428
911WCMNassr ManelALG167030 – 13WCMBanda Natalie KatloBOT156016
1030Simwaba AnneMAW126930 – 13Makwena ChristineZIM163814
1118Mugide SafinahUGA151830 – 1WFMStaal Michaela FrancisRSA135623
1215WCMWanjiru LucyKEN16231 – 0WCMMpinganjira EllenMAW135624
1319Dutt LakshitaMAW14991 – 02Bobrova LubovSEN139722
1421Dlamini Temahlubi QueenSWZ141321 – 02Banda TapiwaMAW108731
1526Caroline TrapenceMAW134121 – 02Sy Mame BintaSEN134925
1632Tadeyo CharityMAW1084½ – ½1Khady NiangSEN033
1734Ndeye Fatma DiopSEN000 – 1WCMMwilola Phylis NamasikuZAM143220

Standing After Round 7—Women


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