Young Malagasies Chess Champions: Aina Tsinjoviniavo and FY Antenaina Make History at the 13th African Games


In a groundbreaking moment, 12-year-old Aina Mahasambatra Tsinjoviniavo made a lasting mark on chess history during the 13th African Games. Teaming up with FY Antenaina Rakotomaharo, they secured a bronze medal in the mixed team rapid championship, making them the youngest duo ever to achieve such a feat at the event.

Their journey began with a draw against Ghana C (Akpa Prince and WFM Ayiku Angela Naa Amerly), followed by another impressive draw against Zambia’s IM Mwali Chitumbo and Constance Mbatha. With determination, they showcased their skills with a decisive 2-0 victory over Botswana’s FM Gomolemo Rongwane and WCM Natalie Banda in the third round.

Their outstanding performance continued uninterrupted, defeating Sao Tome Principle with another resounding 2-0 win against in round four.

Despite facing formidable opponents like Angola and South Africa, the young pair emerged victorious, claiming the bronze medal in the mixed team rapid event.

With this achievement, Aina and FY Antenaina became the youngest pair ever to win a chess medal at the African Games, marking a historic moment for chess in Madagascar.


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