The Release of Volume 7: Reflections on the 2023 Moja Chess Extravaganza by Dr Lyndon Bouah


    Dr. Lyndon Bouah is set to launch Volume 7 of the Reflection series, focusing on the 2023 Moja Chess Extravaganza held in Kimberley. The launch event will take place on Tuesday, 2nd April 2024, at Newlands Cricket Ground at 3:30 pm.

    The Moja Chess Extravaganza was a big event, similar to Wimbledon in South African chess. The book provides a comprehensive collection of games from the Prestige and Ladies Sections, totaling over 400 games, showcasing the tournament’s significance in South African chess. It features national and international players like GM Adam Fawzy, providing insights into current openings and strategies used by top players.

    Dr. Bouah emphasises critical positions and strategic decision-making in chess, drawing on analyses by Grandmaster Dorfman. The book received praise from Dr Jabu Mokoena, the event’s organiser, highlighting its portrayal of determination, triumphs, and challenges faced by participants. The author discusses a critical position involving an exchange sacrifice by IM Watu Kobese, demonstrating strong strategy and tactical skills in advanced chess games.

    The series of volumes written by Dr Lyndon Bouah, et al.

    The book includes analyses of notable games, such as IM Kobeses strategic play leading to victory and WIM Charlize Van Zyl’s impressive sacrifices, noteworthy games like Goosen vs. Fawzy demonstrate the complexity and excitement of top-tier chess, showcasing innovative strategies and sacrifices. It also celebrates the achievements and brilliance displayed during the Moja Chess Extravaganza, providing readers with a deeper appreciation for the game and its players. It marks a milestone by featuring a substantial number of games played by female participants, promoting inclusivity and diversity in chess literature.

    Dr. Lyndon Bouah‘s upcoming book promises to be a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the 2023 Moja Chess Extravaganza, offering readers a view of strategic analyses, memorable games, and narratives that capture the essence of chess mastery. This book is a must-read, providing a comprehensive insight into one of the most prestigious chess events in South Africa.

    A copy of the book is priced at R300. For inquiries or to pre-order the book, contact Dr. Bouah via email at or by phone at 0713631306.


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