South Africa: Robyn van Niekerk Reveals She’s engaged to Calvin Klaasen.


“A thousand times YES



South African Chess Player—Robyn Van Niekerk wrote on Facebook.

Today, South African FIDE Master—Calvin Klaasen asked his now fiancée—Robyn Van Niekerk, to marry him and she said YES, not just once but a thousand times.

In light of the so many negative news, this is a positive news and lovely way to end the year. Robyn Van Niekerk and Calvin Klaasen have a reason to celebrate the last day of the year and the New Year in Grand style!

Robyn Van Niekerk Reveals her engagement ring. Photo Credit: Robyn Van Niekerk

Calvin Klaasen and Robyn Van Niekerk have now joined the league of chess player couples.

We wish them Best wishes on their wonderful journey, as they build their new lives together.


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