Siblings Success: Praggnanadhaa and Vaishali Shine at Ongoing FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament

    RB Ramesh, Pragg's coach with Pragg. Photo: Hindu Business Line

    Praggnanadhaa and Vaishali, the dynamic sibling duo, have made waves at the ongoing FIDE Candidates chess tournament with their impressive performances.

    In the third round of the tournament, Praggnanadhaa, at just 19 years old, displayed his skills by defeating Vidit Gujrathi in the open section. Simultaneously, 22-year-old Vaishali, Pragg‘s sister exhibited her skills in the women’s section, triumphing over Nurgyul Salimova.

    Their participation in the FIDE Candidates Tournament marks a notable moment as the first brother and sister duo to compete in this esteemed event. Both players credit their success to their longtime coach RB Ramesh, who has been instrumental in shaping their chess careers since childhood.

    Vaishali Rameshbabu

    Praggnanadhaa‘s rapid rise was highlighted last year at the FIDE World Cup, where he secured his spot in the FIDE Candidates Tournament. His impressive victories over seasoned players like Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana earned him accolades, including praise from former world champion Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen expressed his admiration by telling Praggnanadhaa that everyone aspires to “be like Pragg.”

    When asked about the secret to “being like Pragg,” RB Ramesh emphasized the importance of visualizing chess moves without physically moving pieces on the board. This unique training approach has honed Praggnanadhaa‘s visualization skills, setting him apart from his peers.

    RB Ramesh also highlighted Praggnanadhaa‘s exceptional ambition and dedication to chess, noting his conscious decision to prioritize chess over distractions like social media and leisure activities. This relentless focus and determination have propelled Praggnanadhaa towards excellence in the game, earning him admiration and respect within the chess community.

    As the FIDE Candidates Tournament continues, all eyes are on Praggnanadhaa and Vaishali as they continue to display their talent, and determination. Their journey serves as a proof of the strength of ambition, dedication, and unwavering passion for the game of chess.


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