Round 3: Four Players share lead at the 2021 African Individual Chess Championships

Namibia's IM Beukes Dante—2284

On the third day of the 2021 African Individual Chess Championships in Lilongwe, Malawi, four players (Nigeria’s FM Oragwu Chukwunonso, Egyptian GM Adly Ahmed, Madagascar’s IM Rakotomaharo Fy Antenaina and Zambia’s IM Bwalya Gillian) share the lead with 3/3.

It was victory for top board players with the black pieces as GM Adly Ahmed—(2615) charmed FM Barrish Daniel—(2306) and drove home the full point, IM Rakotomaharo Fy Antenaina—(2429) displayed superiority over Zambian’s FIDE World Cup Qualifier—IM Mwali Chitumbo—(2285), IM Bwalya Gillian—(2425) outplayed Isaac Okeke in a game that seem equal and FM Oragwu Chukwunonso—(2241) was victorious in the brawl with IM Andrew Kayonde—(2399).

Madagascar’s IM Rakotomaharo Fy Antenaina—2429

GM Bassem Amin‘s effort to secure a victory in the faceoff with Ugandan’s FM Kawuma Patrick—(2323) proved futile and the game ended in a draw.

Namibian’s sensation IM Beukes Dante—(2284) held GM Bellehcene Bilel—(2508) to a draw. The biggest upset of round 3 are from FM Mhango Benele—(2117) who triumphed over GM Hesham Abdelrahman—(2400) and Chimkute Ronald—(1955) outwit Hope of a nation—FM Mulenga Prince Daniel—(2246), IM Wageih Kareim—(2425) lost to Nassr Ali—(2332)

In the Women Section, Algerian WIM Moaataz Ayah and Zambian’s WFM Mwango Lorita share the lead with 3/3. WIM Moaataz Ayah—(2028) got the better of WFM Ogbiyoyo Perpetual Eloho—(1880) while WFM Mwango Lorita—(1912) pulled a fast one on Nakabo Peninah—(1730).

WFM Mwango Lorita—1912

Rankings After Round three (3)—Open

Rankings After Round three (3)—Women


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