Romanian Chess Festival Goes Online for the First Time in Her 23 Years History!


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, COVID-19, we have heard of so many “Firsts” chess is not an exception, and most certainly not the popular Romanian Chess Festival.

Romanian Chess Festival goes online for the first time in her 23 years history, marking a premiere for the chess world also!

the International Online Chess Festival – FISCA2020 Starts on Sunday 9th of May 2020. 11 events will be running every day from 16:00 EEST till 22:00 EEST, with types of chess ranging from Standard Chess (90 mins + 30 sec/move) till Bullet (1 mins/game), and from FRChess (960 or Random Chess) to King of the Hill-type of chess.

7000 euros in cash prizes, 1000 euro in Diamond Subscriptions and 5 trophies (which will be sent by post office, no matter how far are the winners) are at stake for this unique event in the online chess landscape.

The entire amount left after all the festival expenses will be paid will be used to help the chess career of U12 kids, which can apply with their funding requests to an NGO designated by the organizers no late than 01.07.2020.


FISCA2020 has 11 events (single tournaments) as you can see in the image below

We have standard chess tournaments for 8 years old, 10 years old and 14 years old kids, and an open tournament with 1000 euro for the winner.

Standard Chess is played simultaneously on ChessCOM with ZOOM and Skype activated. All the players will join a large ZOOM call.

After the standard chess is over, our players may opt-in for the blitz duels, each one with a prize fund of 500 euro in cash and ChessCOM Diamond subscriptions.

FISCA Grand Prix

Should we mention it? Every event counts in FISCA Grand Prix with more than 500 euro to grab for these chess fighters who excelled in all kinds of chess.


For the kids and side events the prize are detailed below

Prizes for The OPEN -Tournament and FISCA Grand Prix, are presented in the next picture

Everyone (with or without FIDE ID) can take part of this festival with just 15 euros (if you are a kid born after 01.0.2006), or 21 euros (if you are a kid in your heart, even you are body is not).

GMs, IMs and WGMs are welcome to join the standard chess tournament, and they will receive a free shot to all blitz events.

Fair-Play measures

FISCA2020 has a team of experts, coordinated by the indian 62nd GM Mishra Swayams, which will scan all the games, and which will fully cooperate with ChessCOM experts, in order ensure a fair environment for all the participants.

Who are the organizers?

Mariana Ionita (FIDE International Organizer) is the Director of The Bucharest Central Chess Club (established in  1977), the oldest and biggest junior chess club in Romania.



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