Reflections on chess played abroad by Dr Lyndon Bouah


One of the advantages that Chess players have is that irrespective of your rating you can play in any open event in the world that does not require an invitation. So, in the last few months I have observed our players participating all over the world in various events across the globe.

In Canada, International Master Henry Steel played a five-round event in called the Championship international of Canada. IM Steel in a credible fourth position only losing to GM Gomez from Cuba. GM Alexandre Le Siege won the event. With 4.5/5. IM Steel scored 4/5 and ended above three grandmasters. One day we hope to see him participate in the SA closed again.

In the United Kingdom GM Kenny Solomon participated in the Isle of Man event. This was a fantastic event as it was literally probably the strongest Swiss event this year. Everyone including Carlsen participated in the event. Kenny had some hard-fought games throughout the event, and he was happy to face such a stellar field.

GM Kenny Solomon

National Master Corno Klaver with a few other Tshwane players travelled to the Vienna Open to participate in the event there. Austria is of course a strong European chess nation. In the 2016 Olympiad South Africa defeated Austria 3-1 in a well-played match with IM Daniel Cawdery the hero with a great win against his grandmaster opponent. (that was one of my favourite Olympiad games. Sacrifices and spectacular chess all rolled into one!). Corno sent me a few pics from the event.

In Mauritius, Gavin Andersen participated in the Mauritian Masters. He seems to enjoy his chess on the island.

In October 2019 FM Ben Hercules travelled to the Island of Reunion to participate in their annual international event.

Reunion is an overseas territory of France and is one of their 18 regions and is designated an overseas territory. It is situated East of Madagascar and 175km from Mauritius. It has a population

of about 866 thousand people. The Island has been inhabited since the 16th century when people from Madagascar and France settled there. The Island celebrates on 20 December each year the abolishment of slavery. The official language is of course French, but everyone also speaks Reunion Creole. Ben came first in this event and won 1200 euros! Well done Ben.


Dr. Lyndon Bouah


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