Recap of the “Chess Meetup with Cassandra” event on the International Women’s Day

A group picture at the " Chess Meetup with Cassandra". Photo: BeeCass

The “Chess Meetup with Cassandra” event that held on the 8th of March, 2024 at Cafe One Hub, Abuja Nigeria, proved to be a notable success, drawing in an impressive total of 40 participants. Among the attendees was Ms. Agbazue Precious, a recognized player from the Olympiad 2018, adding a touch of distinction to the gathering.

Ms. Agbazue Precious present at the event. Photo: BeeCass

Yesterday was also a day to celebrate International Women’s Day as BeeCass Chess and Scrabble Club paid for the refreshments for every female present, and acknowledging the commitment to oneness, a notable mention goes to a renowned chess enthusiast, Mr Sasha who graciously covered the costs of refreshments for all the guys present, supporting gender equality and making the day more enjoyable and fun-filled. The meetup witnessed a blend of familiar faces and new members, promoting an engaging environment where both chess lovers and those less acquainted with the game could relax and enjoy themselves, and since the event was not strictly about chess, others played games like Monopoly, adding more sauce to the event.

Appreciation goes out to all participants who contributed to the event’s success, whether through attendance, sharing the event flier, or expressing interest in future meetups. A special appreciation goes to Café One Abuja who gave their hub for free to promote Chess development in Nigeria.

The “Chess Meetup with Cassandra” event stands as a testament to the joy of chess and the sense of togetherness it can bring.

Anticipate more gatherings of this nature every Friday at Cafe One Hub, 1st floor, Sterling bank, Central Business District, Abuja.



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