Orchid-Lekki Chess Club (OLCC) Mourn Dan Foster


Orchid Lekki Chess Club is sad to announce the passing away of their dear member, friend and brother, the legendary Radio Broadcaster, Dan Foster.

At Orchid Lekki Chess Club, the man we knew and saw week after week, was one of the finest gentlemen ever, a loving father, and a conduit of wisdom.

Dan and Kunle Kasumu (OLCC VP) @Orchid Chess Club 2014…

He was always fun to be around and never had an air around him despite his incredible success in radio broadcasting. He loved the game of chess passionately and inspired us not just to play it but to apply its lessons in life. We will dearly miss you,

A tourney will be held on Saturday the 20th of June 2020 by 9pm at the Orchid Lekki Chess Club to honor him. Dan Foster! Rest In Peace.

Message from the management, Orchid Lekki Chess Club.



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