Koko Obele, Dan-Jumbo Queen and Nwala Emmanuel Emerges as Winners in the 3rd Naphtali Tournament

Koko Obele, the winner of the Open section receiving his award at the 3rd Naphtali Tournament. Photo: Othims

The 3rd Naphtali Chess Open recently concluded on the 24th of April, 2024, with excitement and intense battles that left spectators in awe as Koko Obele emerged as the winner as he took the 1st position, while Omorere Benjamin finished as the 1st-runner up and Ferdinand Tersee as the 2nd runner up in the main game (Open section) The winners were awarded a cash prize of #250,000, #125,000, and #100,000 respectively. Others who took the 4th position to the 12th position in the Open section were also rewarded for their skills and tenacity. Nwala Emmanuel won the Blitz event and walked home with a cash prize of #100,000. The tournament, known for displaying skills, abilities and budding talents, lived up to its reputation with remarkable performances and unexpected twists.

Koko Obele and Nwala Emmanuel finishing first in the Blitz event of the 3rd Naphtali Tournament. Photo: Othims

During the event, it became evident that this year’s event was nothing short of interesting displays, day 2 saw a significant shift in dynamics, with only two out of eighteen initial leaders maintaining their winning streak. This shakeup heightened the stakes, making each subsequent round more intense than the last.

Heading into the penultimate day, the spotlight was on 12-year-old Ekunke Goodness and experienced player Emmanuel Idara, both boasting flawless records of 4/4. Their exceptional skills and determination captured the hearts of spectators and set the stage for an exciting showdown in the 5th round.

Despite the frontrunners’ strong performances, the competition remained fierce with players like Edet Udeme, Ferdinand Tersee Nyiuma, and Omorere Benjamin trailing closely, ready to seize any opportunity to claim victory.

The final round was an apex of months of preparation and strategic manoeuvring. Spectators saw exciting matches., including a captivating encounter between Ferdinand Tersee Nyiuma and CM Omorere Benjamin. The match showcased the players’ tactical skills, ending in a shared 1st place finish that highlighted the tournament’s competitive spirit.

Dan-Jumbo Queen Awuereba emerges as the winner in the Women section. Photo: Othims

A stand-out moment came from Koko Obubele, whose stunning victory secured a joint top-place finish, earning accolades as the “king of double knights.” The event also celebrated female players like Dan-Jumbo Queen for strategically finishing in the first position in the women section, beating others hands down. She was rewarded a cash prize of #100,000 naira.

As the tournament concluded, it left a lasting impact on players and fans alike. The 3rd Naphtali Chess Open displayed intense competition and the various talents within the chess community. It highlighted the universal appeal and lasting impact of the game, leaving fans excited for what is to come in chess excellence.


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