Kevin George: The Youngest African and Arab Player to Attain International Master Title

Kevin George Michael, Youngest International Master in Africa. Photo: Kevin via Facebook

At just 14 years old, Kevin George of Egypt has achieved a significant accomplishment in the world of chess. He has become the youngest player in both Africa and the Arab region to attain the prestigious FIDE International Master (IM) title, placing him among the top 12 youngest IM titleholders globally.

Kevin‘s path to this remarkable achievement is highlighted by his outstanding performances in different chess tournaments.. He has emerged victorious in the African Junior Championship an impressive four times in the under-10 category, twice in the under-16 category, and once in the under-18 category, demonstrating his exceptional skills and dedication to the game.

The FIDE International Master title is highly esteemed, ranking just below the Grandmaster title. It is awarded to exceptionally skilled players who have achieved a minimum rating of 2400 in classical chess and have earned three IM norms. Aside his talent and hard work, his success also serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess enthusiasts throughout Egypt, Africa, and the Arab world.


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